Is Paul Ryan America’s solution?

By Robert Ringer

Right now, pragmatists are laser focused on only one thing: getting Son of Saul out of the White House before he finishes the job of destroying America. The decades-long Republican argument goes something like this: “Forget what you think about our candidate. Let’s just get this evil guy out of office; then, once we’re in power, we can work on changing our man.”

Change Romney? Like we changed George W. Bush?

Exactly what kind of change are you expecting out of a guy who responded to the Chick-fil-A brouhaha with, “Those are not things that are part of my campaign”? This is the same stalwart Republican who went out of his way to call Barack Obama “a nice guy.” And the same fellow who timidly said that Obama’s nonstop lies are “inaccurate.”

Gosh, Mitt, that’s pretty brazen of you.

Now, along comes Paul Ryan. You can just feel Republican hearts beating rapidly, forgetting those “Beep! Beep!” Road Runner sounds they heard again shortly after celebrating George Bush’s inauguration in 2001.

Let me make one thing clear before continuing on: I love Paul Ryan! You have to love a guy who’s from Janesville, Wis. You have to love a guy who mandates that his new staffers read “Atlas Shrugged.” You have to love a guy who reminds you of the most popular kid in your high school class, rushes back to Wisconsin every Friday afternoon to be with his family and is genuinely humble.

Unfortunately, Paul Ryan is also human, and he is subjected to the hissing of the RINO serpent every day in Washington. As a result, though he has a sterling conservative voting record overall, he voted for such atrocities as the auto bailouts, the Medicare prescription drug law and TARP.

Why would an Ayn Rand devotee vote for massive, unconstitutional government programs like these? The answer was summed up rather well by former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, when he said, in a Washington Post interview, “As soon as they (new tea-party Republicans in Congress) get here, we need to co-opt them.”

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But regardless of a handful of disappointing votes, Paul Ryan is for real. He genuinely understands that most of what government does is unconstitutional. He genuinely believes in liberty. He genuinely believes that our rights do not come from government, but from our Creator.

When I interviewed Ryan back in 2010, it was obvious to me that he would like to go even further than he has when it comes to forcing government into its constitutional straightjacket, but the pragmatic side of him believes that’s too dangerous.

Now, Ryan has been given the job of babysitting a classic caricature of an unprincipled politician. To his credit, Romney is a devoted family man who is gentlemanly and likable. But, like millions of his fellow Americans, he opts for pragmatism over principle.

That pragmatism hasn’t worked so well with sleazy Bolshevik Barry and his vile, vicious Obamavik disciples. As a result, he’s been little more than a punching bag for Obama and has appeared to be losing ground recently.

Which brings me back to Paul Ryan. Ryan may be the first vice-presidential pick in modern history – or perhaps ever – who is the most important person on the presidential ticket. He not only has been able to dazzle crowds from the moment his candidacy was announced, he appears to have been able to inject new life into MittMan’s yawner speeches.

All this is reminiscent of how Sarah Palin came out of nowhere to singlehandedly prop up Mush McCain’s campaign. And had his co-opting handlers stayed out of the way, she might have just pulled off a victory for him.

But Paul Ryan’s accomplishments through 12 years in the House dwarf what Sarah Palin brought to the table. And he’s a much more difficult target for the Marxist media than was Palin.

So, does this mean Romney can now win? Perhaps. But it’s going to get much dirtier and much uglier than what we’ve seen thus far. Remember, the mantra of the true-believing communist is that anything – absolutely anything – goes, because his noble ends justify any means necessary to bring them about.

Libertarians and conservatives should look at Paul Ryan’s selection as a small, albeit good, first step. But for him to be able to rehabilitate a hardcore statist like Romney in three-and-a-half months is asking a lot.

And if Ryan and Romney should be successful in unseating Obama, they will still need:

  1. A Republican-controlled Senate and House that will demand that politicians obey the Constitution.
  2. To allow Ryan’s ideas to drive the administration’s agenda.
  3. A plan to educate the nearly 50 percent of the population that suffers from hardcore entitlements addiction.

Given the reality of No. 3, we’re light years away from a president having the courage to stand before the American public and say, loud and clear: “The age of entitlements is over. Now get to work.”

Benjamin Franklin said that “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters. But America is too enlightened to be enslaved.”

Today, few would argue that most Americans are virtuous or enlightened. So in order to fundamentally change America from a soft-socialist country back to a country based on its founding principles, it’s the people who must change. And that’s a change that could take 50-100 years to bring about.

Again, Paul Ryan is a good first step, but America is so deep into the moral and financial abyss that no politician has the power to pull it out. The best thing each of us can do to help Paul Ryan in his quest to begin rebuilding America is to focus on our own virtuosity and our own enlightenment – then help to enlighten as many other people as possible.

The Founding Fathers had it right: Politicians are not the answer. People are the answer.

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