Israel has weeks and maybe months to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and it cannot count on U.S. support in trying to stop it. That’s the assessment from Deputy Knesset Speaker Danny Danon, who is also author of “Israel: The Will to Prevail.”

Danon says intelligence shows Iran must be stopped soon or the world will have to accept a nuclear Iran — a scenario he says Israel cannot even consider. He says the Obama administration seems to think more speeches, more United Nations meetings and more sanctions are going to make the threat go away.

“Enough of the talking. Let’s face reality,” Danon told WND. “We have no partner today and we should not surrender our homeland for imaginary peace.”

He says it is now up to Israel to prevent a nuclear Iran. Danon also wades into the debate over the Israeli-Palestinian standoff. He contends the two-state solution cannot work because there are not two good faith parties to negotiate. Instead, he lays out a three-state solution consisting of Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

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