President Obama has been actively fundraising and campaigning for re-election, but other than claiming a superior tax plan, Obama has said very little about what he would pursue if given another four years in office.

Obama’s plans for a second term center around “constant government centralization of our lives,” said WND senior correspondent Aaron Klein.

Klein and co-author Brenda J. Elliott document Obama’s plans if re-elected in “Fool Me Twice: Obama’s Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed.” The authors uncover the template for Obama’s next four years – the actual, extensive plans created by Obama’s own top advisers and progressive strategists who influenced Obama on his stimulus plan, health-care plan and many other policies over the past four years.

Listen to Aaron Klein’s interview with Mark Levin.

“These same progressive groups that were already behind much of Obama’s first-term agenda and specific policies have been hard at work crafting and perfecting and recommending the blueprint for Obama’s second term,” Klein explains.

“Fool Me Twice” unveils all the main areas of Obama’s second-term domestic policy onslaught – jobs, wages, health care, immigration “overhaul,” electoral “reform,” national energy policy, Pentagon plans and more.

Released this week by WND Books, “Fool Me Twice: Obama’s Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed” unveils all the main areas of Obama’s second-term domestic policy onslaught.

“Just as ‘Unfit for Command’ provided the margin of defeat for John Kerry in 2004, ‘Fool Me Twice’ will ensure Obama serves only one term,” said WND Books publisher Joseph Farah.

Just as in 2008, when Obama concealed his true presidential plans behind the rhetoric of ending partisan differences and cutting the federal deficit, his 2012 re-election theme of creating jobs conceals far more than it reveals about his true agenda for a second term.

While many are expressing general concerns over Obama’s future ambitions, “Fool Me Twice” lays bare the devastating details and consequences of a second Obama term as president.

“Right now, he’s talking about economic fairness, but nobody bothers to ask him what that means,” Klein said. “I think that if Americans knew the specifics of Obama’s upcoming second-term policy assault, the outcome of the election would be very different.”

He explains what “fairness” could mean over the next four years – the government deciding wages in the private sector by determining the value of a job, much more government spending and even higher tax rates to pay for it all.

Klein also says the agenda will likely include a major push for a “Medicaid-style” single-payer health care system – possibly without consultation with Congress. Green jobs will remain a high priority, according to Klein, who says leftists want to create a Green Bank and squelch criticism of the climate-change movement through the return of the Fairness Doctrine.

He also asserts that Obama wants to radically change the military – away from a force ready to defend the nation to one that supplements diplomatic efforts and combats global warming and poverty around the world.

And Klein reveals how Obama’s “defacto amnesty” for illegal immigrants will take on new dimensions, including an effective ban on policing our own borders.

“There’s no question this is not only the wish list, this is the specific agenda,” explains Klein.

 “Fool Me Twice” is based on exhaustive research into Obama’s upcoming detailed presidential plans and policies, as well as the specific second-term recommendations of major “progressive” groups behind Obama and the Democratic leadership – the organizations that help craft legislation and set the political and rhetorical agenda for the president and his allies.

Here are a few highlights of dozens and dozens of second-term plans uncovered in “Fool Me Twice:”

  • Government-funded, neighborhood-based programs to better integrate the newly amnestied immigrants into society, including education centers and health care centers. A “federal solution” to ensure that the amnestied immigrants are treated “equitably” across the United States.
  • The re-creation of a 21st century version of FDR’ Works Progress Administration program within the Department of Labor that would oversee a massive new bureaucracy and millions of new federal jobs.
  • Specific plans for a National Infrastructure Bank. This entity would “evaluate and finance infrastructure projects of substantial regional and national importance” and would finance “transportation infrastructure, housing, energy, telecommunications, drinking water, waste water, and other infrastructures.”
  • Wresting control of the military budget from Congress by attempting to place an “independent panel” in charge of military spending while slashing the defense budget in shocking ways.
  • The vastly reduced resources of the U.S. armed forces will be spread even thinner by using them to combat “global warming,” fight global poverty, remedy “injustice,” bolster the United Nations and step up use of “peacekeeping” deployments.
  • A new “green” stimulus program and the founding of a federal “green” bank or “Energy Independence Trust,” which would borrow from the federal treasury to provide low-cost financing to private-sector investments in “clean energy.”
  • Detailed plans to enact single-payer health care legislation controlled by the federal government.

Aaron Klein is Jerusalem bureau chief for WND and hosts “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s WABC Radio, the nation’s largest talk station. Klein’s program is one of only two weekend shows in the U.S. to make the Talkers Heavy Hundred official list of top American radio shows.

His previous books include “Red Army,” “The Manchurian President,” “The Late Great State of Israel” and “Schmoozing with Terrorists.”

Brenda J. Elliott is an award-winning historian, researcher and New York Times bestselling author. She is the blogger who created RezkoWatch, The Real Barack Obama, RBO and RBO2. She has appeared on hundreds of radio shows, contributed to numerous investigative articles and publications and is co-author of “Red Army” and “The Manchurian President.”

See the “Fool Me Twice” trailer:

Media interested in interviewing Klein or Elliott should contact Tim Bueler at [email protected] or (530) 401-3285.

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