Now is the time for courage

By Janet Porter

Want to know why the Republican Party is in such trouble? I believe it comes down to one word: courage.

When Democrats misspeak, we make them vice president. When Republicans misspeak, Republicans are the first in line to throw them under the bus.

When Rep. Todd Akin stood for protecting all innocent human life in a recent interview, he used a word with more than one meaning. He used the word “legitimate” before the word “rape” to mean “real,” “forcible,” a tragic event that “really took place.” Anyone who doesn’t think false claims of rape can be made should check with Norma McCorvey, the “Roe” of Roe v. Wade. The infamous abortion case, based on her false rape claim, has resulted in the deaths of 55 million innocent human lives.

But because “legitimate” could also modify the word rape, some in the Republican Party are practically writing Willie Horton ads about it, pretending that the congressman is “pro-rape” and wants to let rapists out on furlough. This “interpretation” of the congressman’s words doesn’t resemble reality, and everyone knows it.

If Republicans love their country, they will quit using fiction to shoot their own and focus on the real enemies of life: Democrats Claire McCaskill and Barack Obama, who stand for legally sucking the brains out of half-born babies in a procedure called partial-birth abortion.

In America, we shouldn’t kill people for the crimes of their father. And in politics, we shouldn’t kill statesmen for a badly worded sound bite.

Thankfully, there are men and women of courage who stand with Rep. Akin, beginning with the founder of National and International Right to Life, Dr. Jack Willke, who said:

“Congressman Todd Akin remains a strong and courageous pro-life leader – and awkward wording in one sound-bite doesn’t negate that. Of course, Congressman Akin never used the word ‘legitimate’ to refer to the rapist. … It’s time for Republican leaders to rise to the level of Rep. Todd Akin’s principle and courage and stand with him and the Republican platform that stands for the protection of every human life.”

Dr. Ted Baehr of Movieguide added:

“The attacks on Rep. Todd Akin are vicious, bigoted and insensitive. This is media and left-wing bullying at its worst. Todd is one of the few really good men in the United States. Every decent person, everyone of faith and values, every American should support him and stand up to the progressive, leftist, Democratic, media bullies.”

I agree with Dr. Baehr – even when those bullies call themselves “Republican.”

Tim Wildmon is president of the American Family Association – with more members than the circulations of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal combined. Here’s what he had to say:

“Fair-minded people understand that Congressmen Akin is not ‘pro-rape.’ That is absolutely ridiculous and everyone knows it. … I’m a little stunned at the piling on against Rep. Akin over what clearly is a simple misuse of the English language. The way he is being treated by some GOP leaders and colleagues  is just wrong. This is a decent, honorable man who has been pro-life and pro-traditional values. He has apologized for his choice of words and that should be the end of it.”

Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, added his voice:

“… Congressman Akin – an unsung hero on Capitol Hill, who with courage and conviction, has stood for life and liberty, and he is a man who quickly apologizes for his faults. I’m proud to stand with, and fight for, the hero we know as Congressman Akin, to become the next senator from Missouri.”

Dr. Jim Garlow of Renewing American Leadership said:

“No doubt about it. Congressman Akin misspoke. We all do. … And he immediately did what we all have to do when we misspeak. He apologized. And well he should. But here is my question: Will the people who got understandably upset regarding his misstatement (repeating: for which he apologized) get equally upset over the fact that babies are being torn to shreds in the womb? Rape is a horrible, violent act. We all agree. Killing a baby in the womb is, too. Why am I hearing silence on that issue?”

Rachelle Heidlebaugh of Witness Abortion Recovery put it this way: “As a woman who has had an abortion following being raped, I stand with Rep. Todd Akin for the protection of every child in the womb. A violent act did not justify a second violent act upon my innocent child. I mourn the loss of my baby every single day, a child who would be 15 today had I not bought the lie that abortion was ‘the solution’ for my rape.”

Mat Staver, dean of Liberty School of Law and founder of Liberty Counsel, added:

“Congressman Todd Akin is a man of integrity who loves God, loves America, and has been a bright star in Congress and will even shine brighter as the next U.S. senator. … Todd Akin is what is right with America and those calling for him to step down represent the failed policies and bankrupt views that most American want to see changed.”

Bott Radio founder Dick Bott said, “With Bott Radio Network’s (BRN) headquarters in Missouri for 50 years, I have known Todd Akin and his family since he first entered Missouri politics. … He has always been an example of what I wish every political leader would be. In short ‘he is the real deal.’ In fact, he’s one of my heroes.”

Finally, I agree with Chris Brown, president of the Missouri Republican Assembly, who said:

“… The Republican leadership needs to grow a spine. … While Todd may have been indiscreet in his word choice, he was not wrong in his facts. … If we are unable to stand strong for our values it will be the Republican leadership that allows American exceptionalism to become a footnote in history.”

If you want leaders to courageously stand for life in the U.S. Senate, courageously stand for Rep. Todd Akin now. He must run, and he must win.


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