House Republicans will likely pick up an extra member in Arkansas’ 4th Congressional District. Republican Tom Cotton is expected to score a solid win in the contest to replace retiring Rep. Mike Ross, D-Ark., thanks to a growing Republican electorate and new district boundaries.

Cotton says several factors prompted him to run, especially his growing concern over jobs, debt and Obamacare. The lawyer-turned-soldier-turned businessman calls the Obama record “a smoking ruin of economic failure.”

“We need to send someone to Washington to help stand up to Barack Obama if he’s re-elected, or more likely, if Mitt Romney’s elected, to roll back the damage that’s been caused,” Cotton told WND.

He admits that Republicans dropped the ball on fiscal discipline in the past decade but he believes Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will have a very different mindset that will be reflected by the GOP in Congress.

Cotton also promises to be an active voice in repealing Obamacare and shoring up Medicare. He also rebuts assertions from his Democrat opponent that opposition to Obamacare is racist and insensitive to the poor.

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