Preying on the fatherless – on our watch

By Bradlee Dean

New explosive charges are coming to light regarding the Sandusky Penn State scandal. The FBI, along with the U.S. Postal Service, is looking into the possible existence of a pedophile ring, which involves Sandusky sharing the boys he abused with other men connected to Penn State.

Sources familiar with the situation said, “Investigators have interviewed at least one man who claims to have knowledge of Sandusky and a very prominent man, with strong ties to Penn State, both sexually abusing a boy.”

Yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Graham Spanier, who resigned from his position as president of Penn State last fall in the midst of the sex-abuse scandal, now has been placed in a job working for a “top secret” federal agency.

This activity exposes the fox in the chicken coop. Former FBI Director Louis Freeh was appointed to oversee the investigation of the Penn State scandal. If you recall, Freeh was the FBI director during the Oklahoma City bombing. He was also involved in Waco and Ruby Ridge in the 1990s. In the Ruby Ridge case, the federal government was sued for unlawful encroachment on the Weaver family and paid Mr. Randall Weaver and his surviving children $3.1 million in the killing of his wife, Vicki, and 14-year-old son, Samuel. The FBI sniper who killed Vicki, Lon Horiuchi, was defended by the government (the fox in the chicken coop) and let go for murdering the innocent.

During the Penn State investigation by Louis Freeh, evidence turned up showing that Spanier helped cover for Sandusky’s crimes. Incredibly, the federal government conducted a “re-review” of his security clearance in light of his part in covering up Sandusky’s crimes, and decided he should be rewarded with a “top secret” government job related to our national security – using the American people’s tax dollars to pay for his salary. It begs the question, is Spanier’s new job at the Pentagon?

This is not the first time the government would allow a child sex-abuse cover-up. Do not forget the ICE investigation at the Pentagon, which exposed over 5,000 employees for downloading child pornography. Instead of the guilty being prosecuted for their felony offenses, the DOJ conveniently stated they didn’t have enough manpower to bring prosecutions.

It would be best for these people who commit crimes against fatherless children to understand that it is better for them to take a millstone, wrap it around their necks, and cast themselves into the sea than to offend these little ones (Luke 17:2). But amazingly, there are those who want to dare God’s justice.

George Washington, the first president of the United States, said, “We should avoid ungenerously throwing upon posterity … the burden we ourselves ought to bear.” Our burden, America, is to protect our fatherless children from criminals who prey on them by bringing forth justice, regardless if they are in our communities or behind the face of government. We will know how good a job we did by what we leave to our posterity, not what we subject them to.

Remember Boys Town?

Sandusky’s Second Mile charity being used to violate vulnerable fatherless boys through pedophile rings sounds all too familiar. Remember Boys Town in the 1990s? Boys Town was a home for fatherless boys who were being sold into pedophile rings, which could be linked all the way up to prominent government officials in Washington, D.C.

Back in the 1990s, George H.W. Bush hailed Sandusky’s Second Mile as a “Point of Light.”

Is there a parallel between Boys Town and Second Mile?

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