Although debate over “Marriage Equality” – the latest euphemism for homosexual marriage – has focused entirely on social considerations from “equal rights” to “biblical morality,” a new campaign in opposition to same-sex marriage legalization is raising an entirely different concern: the documented health risks associated with homosexuality and the impact they have on the general public.

Indeed, officials with The Center for Marriage Policy say they are going to highlight serious but seldom-discussed health issue in a major campaign opposing same-sex marriage, designating September as “Protecting Marriage Month.”

“Public policy must discourage promiscuity and homosexuality for the same reasons we discourage drug abuse and smoke,” they state in a flyer prepared for mass distribution. “Schools and advocacy groups must teach children to avoid this lifestyle.”

And in a commentary today in WND, Center President David R. Usher and Executive Director Cynthia L. Davis focus directly on what they see as a huge public health problem: “The impact of homosexuality on the rest of us can no longer be ignored,” they write, noting that HIV is the No. 14 cause of infant mortality, and “is most often caused by women who have a bisexual husband or boyfriend.”

Further, they write, “Children raised by homosexual parents are dramatically more likely than peers raised by married heterosexual parents to suffer from a host of social problems.” They are also more likely to be promiscuous, which is key to alternative sexual lifestyle choices, they add.

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“The situation that we face is that our most serious STDs are coming out of the homosexual community, and the impact to heterosexuals is much greater than anyone has ever discussed,” Usher told WND today.

His organization is working on a campaign, he said, including both publicity events and leaflets, to let the public know what studies and experts have documented as attributable to promiscuity and homosexual behavior.

“We know that 25 percent of new HIV infections in women are in women who are most often overwhelmingly heterosexual,” he said. Those victims are infected, he said, mostly by unfaithful boyfriends or husbands.

As a result, they become infected and can spread that infection to others, including their children.

“So what’s happening is there are a lot of innocent women and kids getting it,” he said.

“When our kids go to school, they hear all day long ‘don’t do drugs.’ Period. ‘Don’t do drugs.’ ‘Don’t smoke.’ They’re even told when you go home, go chew on parents, tell them not to smoke.

“Then they go to school, and in sex education class, we teach them how to have gay sex, and how to use condoms,” Usher said.

The chips fall in this order, he said: Teens are encouraged to be sexually active, but to avoid pregnancies they are steered toward same-sex ideologies. Older homosexuals then “mentor” the young acolytes. The result of such activity many times is HIV, followed by full-blown AIDS.

“We are pro-life. What we’re trying to do here is get to the bottom of this and say promiscuity in all its forms causes problems for everyone,” Usher said.

In their column, Usher and Davis cite statistics supporting their argument that many disease issues today are traceable to homosexuality and promiscuity.

Although the “total death impact of promiscuity is difficult to quantify because so many other opportunistic fatal diseases are the final cause of death,” they noted that in New York, where high rates of risky homosexual practices are reported, some 10 percent of sexually active high school students say they have had at least one same-sex partner.

“Smoking is banned everywhere in America because of the risks imposed to others. We are tough on drinking and driving for the same reasons. We can no longer give homosexuality a free pass because the grave health care burden it imposes on the rest of us,” they write. “The taxpayers cannot ‘leave the room’ to avoid being harmed.”

Federal officials don’t identify homosexuality as a disorder, they note, so schools are limited to “carefully encouraging condom use and spending vast sums of taxpayer monies taking care of ill and dying individuals.”

“Gay advocates now controlling the American Psychiatric Association created false science far more dangerous than Al Gore’s debunked global warming theories,” the two columnists wrote.

They mentioned Ryan Sorba’s history of homosexuality, which reveals how the idea that homosexuality is ordinary or normal first was broached, then promoted, then accepted.

“Sorba … documents how the homosexual revolution overwhelmed the scientific community in the 1970s and 1980s [and] applied aggressive activism and now-debunked ‘studies’ to achieve the impossible: diagnoses of homosexual disorders are no longer objective.”

“We must rescind irresponsible homosexual public policy from the law books across-the-board and discourage homosexual behavior. We must not allow pansexuals to take over the conservative movement like they did the American Psychiatric Association. Their invasion is as dangerous to our socioeconomic fabric as the Occupy movement is to free enterprise,” the two write.


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