Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University law student labeled as a “slut” and “prostitute” by radio host Rush Limbaugh earlier this year, is now injecting herself back in the spotlight, with a cash appeal for Barack Obama based on the controversial comments of Rep. Todd Akin.

In a fundraising email titled “Legitimate rape,” Fluke writes: “In a recent statement that was both factually inaccurate and horribly offensive, Republican Missouri Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin said that victims of ‘legitimate rape’ don’t get pregnant because ‘the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.’

“Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan tried to distance themselves from the remark — but the fact is they’re in lockstep with Akin on the major women’s health issues of our time. Just this morning, the Republican Party voted to include the ‘Human Life Amendment’ in their platform, calling for a constitutional ban on abortions nationwide, even for rape victims. Several Romney supporters and advisers stood silently by while this vote took place, and the Los Angeles Times reports that the platform ‘was written at the direction of Romney’s campaign.'”

Fluke adds: “This controversy is not an accident, or a mistake, or an isolated incident. It’s a reflection of a Republican Party whose policies are dangerous for women.

“Republicans, led by Romney and Ryan, have made it clear that they want to make our decisions for us. President Obama trusts us to make our own. It’s as simple as that.”

Fluke’s push for insurance-covered birth control in March became the talk of the nation, and exploded after Limbaugh called her the derogatory names. He apologized at the time, saying he had wrongly descended to the name-calling level of the political left.

Limbaugh lost some sponsors to his national radio show, but said some were “practically begging to come back.”

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