The Democratic Party, led by “Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Obama,” is more like a religious cult than a political party, asserts talk-radio host Michael Savage.

“I don’t remember a party behaving the way this one has behaved,” the host told his “Savage Nation” listeners.

The president, said Savage, “is not really seen as a political figure as much as he is a religious figure.”

Savage noted film director Spike Lee’s comment, in a CNN interview to be aired tomorrow, that Obama has been seen as “a savior, black Jesus.”

“If you were to ask most of the party adherents whether they consider Obama to be a religious figure,” Savage said, “I would think many of them would say yes.”

Savage said Obama “is like a Jim Jones or a Baghwan Shree Rajneesh,” referring to the People’s Temple leader who led 909 people to their deaths in Guyana in 1978 and the East Indian guru who founded a town in Oregon in the 1980s that drew followers from all over the world.

“The only thing Obama’s not given to members of the Democratic Party is the Kool Aid,” Savage said.

“Bhagwan Shree Obama,” he said, is “the head guru, who instead of driving 13 Rolls-Royces, drives Air Force One, Two and Three and the U.S. military.”

Obama has “garnered an international following,” he said, “because he espouses the international socialism that is accepted” worldwide.

“He resides in a mansion in D.C. where the cult members come to ask for favors,” the talk host said. “They genuflect before King Obama … sometimes he grants favors. He’s known to make things up as he goes along.”

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Savage pointed to Nancy Pelosi’s insistence that the spirits of suffragists Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Alice Paul spoke to her at the White House.

Pelosi “sounds like a brainwashed member of a cult,” Savage said, noting she could become speaker of the House again.

“This is the woman who was third in line for the presidency, who shoved Obamacare down our throats.”

In 2008, as WND reported, many of Obama’s campaign events took on the air of a religious rally, with rapturous, and sometimes fainting, faithful filling large arenas in which they breathlessly awaited his appearance to the throbbing beat of what could easily pass for contemporary worship music.

Superior virtue of the oppressed

The Democratic Party, Savage said, “is very much like a cult steeped in victimhood.”

“It is like a cult that walks around with a chip on its shoulder saying, ‘We’re oppressed, and it’s those evil white males in the Republican Party who are keeping us back from our progress.'”

Citing British philosopher Bertrand Russell, Savage said Democrats display “the superior virtue of the oppressed.”

If a person is oppressed, Savage explained, he often assumes he is morally better than others.

For the Democrats, anybody but a white, male Christian heterosexual is considered virtuous, he said.

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh drives by his followers in Oregon in 1982

A “Savage Nation” caller who specializes in helping brainwashed cult members recover agreed with Savage that the Democratic Party bears some of the marks of a cult: an abandonment of reasoning ability and the “perfect storm” of arrogance, elitism and fear.

Democrats, Savage said, have revived the 1960s, promoting their freewheeling, unorthodox dogmas while telling others “your religious traditions are making you uptight.”

“Many of the young twitterers don’t realize they’ve been programmed by a cult,” Savage said.

He offered as an example a conversation he had with a liberal about “climate change” in which he presented the fact that core samples scientists have taken in Antarctica indicate there were many warming and cooling cycles in the climate long before the Industrial Age.

“If you dare challenge it with science, you are considered apostate,” Savage said.

“They just say it’s known, but the process of science requires constant discovery,” he argued.

When you hear them say “all scientists agree, you know it’s a complete lie.”

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