“I’m really worried about this election,” Rush Limbaugh admitted to listeners this week.

If Obama wins, he continued, “I am just worried for everybody, what the country’s going to be, how it’s gonna change, and we may not be able to get it back. Not for a long, long time” (FREE audio).

Sandra Fluke famously testified that she expected taxpayers to foot her contraceptive bill. Yet she’s only well-known thanks to Rush Limbaugh’s mockery of her testimony.

When the Democrats announced that Fluke was slated to speak at an Obama fundraiser, Limbaugh joked, “I should be getting a finder’s fee” (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

After the horrific mass shooting at a Wisconsin Sikh temple, Savage turned the liberal media’s narrative on its head (FREE audio):

“No one asked, after we found out a white supremacist did the shooting, who was the hero cop who saved the other Sikhs and took nine bullets in doing so?

“He is police Lieutenant Brian Murphy, aged 51, born in New York. Murphy also served in the U.S. Marine Corps.

“Now if you want to generalize about race and racism, you can do that. Yes, it was a white man who did the shooting and it was a white man who prevented further bloodshed.”

This week, Woody Allen moved his crew into Savage’s neighborhood to shoot a movie. Savage was, to say the least, unimpressed (FREE audio):

“A man like Woody Allen comes along, debases the image of the Jewish male, and rises to the top of the heap.

“Just as there was a very popular black actor in the 1940s called Stepin Fetchit. He played a servile black male and audiences loved it, because he confirmed their stereotypes.

“I call Woody Allen “the Stepin Fetchit of the Jewish world.”

Sean Hannity

Was Barack Obama admitted to Columbia University as a foreign student? The very idea calls the president’s constitutional legitimacy into question.

As it happens, Libertarian Party politician and broadcaster Wayne Allen Root graduated from the same university at the same time. He joined Sean Hannity to flesh out his troubling theory (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

This week, investigative journalist Aaron Klein revealed Obama’s secret second-term agenda on the economy and the military. He also talked to Frank Gaffney about Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff and her Muslim Brotherhood ties; Gaffney proposed that she may be forced to resign.

After presenting a rundown of events in Syria and Iran, Klein welcomed comedy veteran Jackie Mason, who had plenty to say about Obama’s feelings about Israel and the liberal American Jews who continue to support the Democratic president (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

Obama’s speechwriters probably thought they were geniuses when they came up with the nickname “Romney Hood” (as in Robin Hood) for Mitt Romney (FREE audio).

Mark Levin wasn’t happy about it, asking, “Who takes their opponent’s name and twists it, like they’re a punk in high school?”

Laura Ingraham

Author Dinesh D’Souza talked to Ingraham about his newest project, a documentary film entitled “2016: Obama’s America,” which promises to reveal disturbing facts about Obama’s past in a way the mainstream media never has. D’Souza said he was inspired by the way Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 911” changed the narrative during the 2004 election

Katie Ledecky is a 15-year-old gold medalist swimmer who happens to be a friend of Laura’s. Katie prays the “Hail Mary” before each race and credits her Catholic faith and the support of her parish for giving her the strength to win the 800-meter freestyle (FREE audio).

And now, from the left side of the dial …

“Just how far have our ‘progressive’ friends sunk this year?” asks broadcasting industry watcher Brian Maloney at his RadioEqualizer blog.

The answer? Liberal radio talk show hosts are now calling on the Democrats to lie more effectively in order to win the election (FREE audio).

It sounds crazy, but that’s what happened on Stephanie Miller’s show this week, when Miller’s guest Lee Papa declared flatly, “My ethical standard is that we [Democrats] should be telling better lies. So frankly I don’t even care if [Harry Reid’s bizarre accusations about Mitt Romney’s tax returns] are true or not.”

To which Miller replied, “Yes!”

Could there be a more blatant demonstration of the methods Democrats use to get votes?

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