Teachers who prey on their students

By Bradlee Dean

At the end of this month, millions of students across the country will be joining the ranks of those who will be inundated and indoctrinated by a federal government that has no business in the arena of education whatsoever, according to the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Almost on a daily basis we are hearing news reports of the unthinkable in our school system: teachers committing sexual crimes against students. This should come as no surprise when you see what kind of education students in America are subjected to. Students are being taught to throw off American values and virtue while embracing or adhering to an un-American, immoral and sexually perverted lifestyle.

Of course, we all realize that it’s the parents who are throwing their kids into shark-infested waters, thinking it is the same education system they might have gone through even eight years ago. However, they are sadly mistaken. Let’s take a look at what is in the “infested waters” of the public school system.

First, the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum (contrived in 1968) is implemented in 1,370 schools in the United States, according to its website. IB “encourages students to think globally” and undermines the foundation principle of the United States that human rights, such as the rights to life, liberty and property, are God-given and unalienable, and must be protected by government, as is stated in our Declaration of Independence. Instead, IB usurps the U.S. Constitution and teaches redistribution of wealth, same-sex marriage, pantheism, disarmament and the Earth Charter.

In addition, students will be subjected to No Child Left Behind, a one-size-fits all curriculum that teaches them to aim for the floor instead of shoot for the stars, and which usurps the authority of local communities and parental rights in the education of their children. Bart Simpson, the great underachiever, would be proud.

To top it all off, students will be returning to school to undergo comprehensive sexual education.

In New York City alone, there have been 97 cases of sexual misconduct by teachers in the past five years – and these are the ones who were caught. And no wonder – the school district recently implemented a sex-education curriculum in which students as young as 10 years old will be raped of their virtue as they learn about anal and oral sex, how to use a condom and bestiality. Even sadomasochism, phone sex and porn stars will be involved in their curriculum.

Instead of teachers being criminally charged for their crimes, the teachers unions are paying off arbiters (the fox in the chicken coop) to lessen the punishment on teachers who sexually harass students, who only received suspension and fines for their criminal activity.

(Warning: sexually explicit content)


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