A report from an aid organization endorsed by the United Nations says that the government of Sudan likely will hand down a death sentence for a U.S. aid worker serving there.

John Zogby, the chairman of the Non-Government Organization Sudan Sunrise, says in a blog post that Darfur native Rudwan Dawod already is being tortured.

“Sources on the ground in Khartoum report that Dawod endured several days of torture in an attempt to coerce a confession that he is a CIA operative, working for Darfur rebels to organize a campaign of terror,” Zogby wrote.

“On Tuesday Dawod appeared in court and was charged with ‘criminal organization and terrorism,’ which in some cases results in the death penalty,” Zogby wrote.

Dawod’s group, Sudan Sunrise, reports that he has served the group for over three years.

“Dawod, a Darfurian, has worked for three years as a volunteer project coordinator with (former NBA basketball player Manute) Bol’s charity, the Washington-based NGO Sudan Sunrise,” the report said.

“Dawod worked extensively with Bol on his school in Bol’s hometown of Turalei, and in 2011 Dawod led a team of fellow Muslim peace activists who delivered relief food to refugees in Turalei,” the Sudan Sunrise said.

The report also says Dawod left his pregnant wife in Oregon to help rebuild a Catholic Church in South Sudan.

“Dawod left his expectant American wife in Oregon in May for South Sudan to lead a Sudan Sunrise initiative of Muslims helping to rebuild a Catholic Cathedral in Torit, South Sudan, as a symbol of reconciliation in the face of recent church burnings in Khartoum,” Sudan Sunrise reported.

A source in Sudan who cannot be identified for security reasons confirms the report.

“Yes, I can say that Rudwan Dawod, from Darfur (Tama tribe), about 25-27?? years old, and married to an American citizen, used to work in South Sudan, maybe Juba, where the couple firstly met,” the source said.

“He is accused of cooperating with US aids and other foreign organizations. He was arrested from his house with his father and his two brothers and other friends from their political associations called ‘CIS’ and also the political youth movement ‘Girifna: We fed up’.

“At the beginning they were accused of planning for the revolution in Sudan but after few weeks all of them are freed including his family members and he is the only one still being held. He (Dawod) is still facing several changes and some of them can cause his life (death penalty),” the source said.

The source says the Sudanese media is portraying Dawod as a subversive and a terrorist.

“He is depicted in the eyes of the Sudan media as the nation’s betrayer,” the source said.

The source says that prayer is something Christians can do for Dawod.

“We never recognized any link for him to the church but maybe through his wife he came to know about the Lord. I ask in the holy name of Jesus Christ to pray and to help by any means this brave and innocent Sudanese youth,” the source said.

Jonathan Racho, Christian human rights group International Christian Concern’s Africa regional manager, also confirmed the Khartoum regime is holding Dawod.

“We are concerned about the imprisonment of Rudwan. He spoke for human rights and deplored the destruction of churches in Sudan. The Sudanese government must release Rudwan and stop the gross violations of human rights in the country,” Racho said.

The Sudanese embassy in Washington has not responded to WND’s request for comment.

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