A longtime pro-abortion activist has publicly berated an 11-year-old girl praying the rosary at the site of a pro-life protest during the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

“You’re just a stupid kid,” the activist told Zoe Griffin, according to her mother, Brice.

The activist, identified as Sunsara Taylor, approached the group, whose members had been placing 3,300 red carnations on the sidewalk outside Time Warner Cable Center, where the DNC is meeting, to represent the estimated 3,300 abortions performed daily across America.

When the last flower was placed, the group formed a line and began to pray the rosary. That was when Zoe noticed people approaching.

“They were carrying signs and blowing whistles,” she told WND. “They were jumping around and chanting things like ‘A baby’s not a baby ’til it comes out, that’s what birthdays are all about.”

The signs most of the protesters waved around said, “Abortion on Demand and Without Apology.”

“They were acting like five-year-old children,” the young Griffin girl told WND.

Zoe and her group also had signs that said, “I’m a person” next to an image of a baby in the womb.

One woman in particular took exception to the pro-life signs and by eyewitness accounts began screaming at the group, still deep in prayer.

“You’re a person” she would scream while pointing at a pro-lifer, “You’re a person” she would continue down the line, until she finally approached Zoe, pointed at her sign and shouted, “Fetuses are not.”

Zoe’s mother, Brice, tells WND that the person yelling at her daughter was identified as Taylor, a well-known pro-abortion activist.

The mother told WND, “She stopped in front of my daughter and said, ‘You’re just a stupid kid’ and turned toward all of us and said, ‘Look what you’re doing to this little girl with all your bulls**t. You’re making this little girl cry’.”

WND efforts to reach Taylor directly were unsuccessful, but according to a blog posting under her name, she said, “Humanity needs revolution, communist revolution. This is a revolution that defeats and dismantles the whole repressive apparatus of the current order. A revolution that establishes a new state power that enables people to carry out the most thoroughgoing economic, social, and ideological transformations towards a communist world: where people work and struggle together for the common good…where everyone contributes whatever they can to society and gets back what they need to live a life worthy of human beings…where there are no more divisions among people in which some rule over and oppress others, robbing them not only of the means to a decent life but also of knowledge and the means for really understanding, and acting to change, the world.”

A photo from her blog shows her holding the sign, “Abortion on Demand and Without Apology” next to a story about her recent arrest outside of the St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City on a charge of trespassing.

Of her arrest in New York she blogs about her feelings of solidarity with women in parts of the world where abortion is illegal and talks about women’s bodies being “mere vessels for men’s sperm and incubators of fetuses.”

The carnation protest was arranged by America Defend Life in recognition of those in America who are dedicated to the abortion agenda. For example, Barack Obama’s perspective was tipped in 2008 when as a candidate he said of his daughters, “If they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

The verbal assault on the 11-year-old, however, did spark a response.

Clutching a crucifix to her chest, Zoe told the pro-abortion radicals, “They are not the ones making me cry! You are! With your dark hearts, and your dark minds turned against God!”

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Brice Griffin said of her daughter. “She was like a different person. It was like it wasn’t even my daughter speaking.”

Brice Griffin told WND that on the way home from the Time Warner Cable Center Zoe confided in her that she felt horrible about her outburst aimed Taylor.

The mother responded, “You feel bad because you have a heart.”

Later, Zoe told WND that, “I’m surprised that an adult would act that way. It really hurt my feelings that she would stand in front of the crowd and lie about why I was crying.”


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