With hot political films like “2016: Obama’s America” and the upcoming “Red Dawn” lighting up the box office, now comes a new addition to the genre that promises to spare neither Republican nor Democrat in revealing what really happened behind closed doors when Washington spent billions to bail out Wall Street.

“Red September” is a dramatic feature film “based on true events” and produced by the same people that made the nation’s No. 1 Christian video for over 22 weeks, “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment.”

“Red September” promises to not only reveal the ugly machinations on Capital Hill during debate over the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, but also tells the story of the “heroic” congressmen who fought against the first tide of D.C. bailouts.

According to the film’s website, “In September 2008, the unified forces of the Bush administration, Wall Street and leadership on both sides of the aisle rammed the Wall Street bailout through Congress. In the years that followed, the United States launched the largest intervention and stimulus programs in her history, engorging Wall Street, while doing nothing to correct the problems that led to the crisis.

“The American people understand that something is wrong and that they are being cheated,” the promotion continues. “Yet the mainstream media continually repeats the false narrative that the bailout was necessary and that it rescued the economy.

“Americans can see that their politicians lie to them, that the votes of Congress can be bought by shrewd special interests and that American government no longer represents its people,” the website concludes. “But the story the public does not know, is how principled congressmen fought the bailout for the good of the nation. Based on over two years of research and screenplay development, ‘Red September’ is an inspiring ‘based on true events’ story, pitting courage and honor against fear and greed.”

George Escobar, who with Michael Snyder and in partnership with 3R Productions is producing the film, explained to WND that despite all the ugliness that transpired on Capitol Hill during debate over TARP, “Red September” – like a modern-day “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” – focuses on those few in Congress who dared to stand up to the culture of corruption around them.

“Every generation faces a test of moral courage,” Escobar said. “When our leaders fail that test as they did in 2008, we all suffer. But it’s not hopeless. There is always a remnant of heroic men and women who will fight for liberty and stand firm with integrity. That’s what ‘Red September’ is all about – it’s a true story that models courage and shows that freedom cannot be permanently purchased; we must fight with vigilance to keep it.”

The film’s first trailer, debuting exclusively on WND, can be seen below:

A new era in Christian filmmaking

“Red September” is being produced by Advent Film Group, makers of the father-and-son film “Hero”, the groundbreaking movie made in conjunction with Patrick Henry College “Come What May” and the WND film “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment.”

Discover how you can see “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” and read the best-selling book it’s based upon, “The Harbinger,” for a discounted price from the WND Superstore.

Escobar, who is also co-founder of Advent, told WND “Red September” is more than just a political thriller; it’s a launching pad for Advent Filmmakers to continue its revolutionary initiative to train and disciple a new generation of Christian filmmakers.

“Given the recent success of both “2016” and “Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” audiences are clearly hungry for films that speak truth,” Escobar told WND. “We need trained filmmakers to make more of them.”

To that end, Advent Filmmakers is working to provide a holistic approach to training film professionals that includes both scholarship and discipleship. While partnering with the Advent Film Group in the production of new films like “The Screenwriters,” Advent Filmmakers also offers internships in moviemaking, regional filmmaking workshops, an extensive filmmaking guide, upcoming online curriculum and coming later this month, through a partnership with WND, a live Christian filmmaking webinar for students, parents, ministry leaders – almost anyone interested in creating a competitive alternative to Hollywood.

“Movies are the most powerful instruments for capturing hearts and minds ever invented. Whoever wields it controls every facet of society,” Escobar explained. “It’s cultural warfare, and Christians must rise from our slumber. The Sept. 22 webinar is a wake up call. Advent is rallying students and adults everywhere to learn how to make powerful films, as well as become better informed consumers of culture.”

Discover how YOU could participate in the new wave of Christian filmmaking by checking out the Advent Filmmakers live webinar, being offered at a shockingly low price on Sept. 22.

Advent Filmmakers explains its vision is to see “a new generation of Christian filmmakers who are both excellent in their craft and who hold tightly to the values of their Lord, a generation who can redeem the power of the medium and use it effectively to uphold that which is right, true, and beautiful – and then pass this vision on to the generation after them.”

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