Who supports Barack Obama?

Learning about some of the people who support him can be shocking.

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) has endorsed Barack Obama. Did you know that? It may not shock you, but it is one of those inconvenient facts the Obama propaganda media does not want you to know.

The Communist Party said earlier this year that re-electing Barack Obama was “absolutely essential.”

Is anyone else alarmed by this?

The American manifestation of the ideology that has been the greatest mass murderer of the last century thinks that it is essential that Barack Obama be re-elected.

Communism over the last century has caused more wars, killed more people, impoverished more people than any other ideology. America’s Communists want Obama.

America’s Communists are not the only Communists who want Obama re-elected. Vladimir Putin wants him re-elected. Putin said that re-electing Obama could improve relations with America.


Is that the part where Obama has more flexibility on our missile defense and he can surrender again?

While they are not Communists, Saudi Arabia has implicitly endorsed Obama. The kingdom is now pumping more oil to stabilize the price while the election season is going on. The Obama propaganda media don’t like us to be reminded that gas prices have doubled under Obama. The Saudis know that if American gas prices soar to over $4 a gallon, Obama’s chances of re-election will look something like a desert mirage.

You remember Saudi Arabia. They are the primary funders of terrorism around the world. They support and export the Wahhabi extremist form of Islamic fundamentalism. Oh yes, and 15 of the 19 attackers on 9/11 were Saudis.

And these folks think Obama is the man we need in the White House.

Obama’s supporters are not all Communists or foreign terror supporters. He has two supporters in America that will shock most people.

They are Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode.

Gary Johnson is a former Republican governor of New Mexico. He tried to run for president as a Republican, but the Republicans had too much good sense and quickly voted Johnson off the island.

Instead of listening to the people, Johnson decided to feed his ego and become the Libertarian Party candidate. He’s polling around 6 percent nationally, but the problem is, most of those voters are people who would probably otherwise vote for Romney.

What does Gary Johnson believe in, other than his own ego? He has zero chance of being elected. Presumably, if he had to choose, Romney would be a better choice than Obama. Presumably, Johnson understands that a second Obama term will destroy America. Yet, Johnson cruises on, taking votes. Does anyone remember Florida? George Bush only won Florida by 537 votes, yet over 98,000 went to Ralph Nader. If Nader had not been on the ballot, how many of those would have gone for Al Gore? It is a safe bet to believe it would have been at least 538.

Virgil Goode is another Obama supporter. Goode is a former congressman from Virginia who is running for president under the Constitution Party banner. Goode has had more political parties than Bill Clinton has had girlfriends. He served several terms in Congress, first as a Democrat, then a Republican, then an Independent. Now he is with the Constitution Party. The only one he has missed so far is the Communist Party, but maybe that’s next.

He is on only a few state ballots, but one of those is Virginia. Without Goode on the ballot, the Virginia race is a toss-up. With Goode on the ballot, Romney drops by several points. Romney could win the White House without Virginia, but it becomes very hard for him to do. Goode cannot win. Goode cannot do anything but deny Romney a win.

Goode claims to be a conservative. The mantra of conservatives this year is OMG: Obama must go.

Goode and Johnson are in effect chanting “four more years,” instead of Obama must go.

Barack Obama thanks both of you for your support.

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