Get this weapon before Obama bans it!

By Phil Elmore

It’s five or six inches long. It’s no bigger around than a large man’s thumb. It’s made of wood or metal or even plastic. It doesn’t cut. It isn’t very useful for prying. It may not be legal in every place, but it can be built by hand anywhere. It’s the simplest piece of technology that could save your life. It’s a pocket stick.

When we think of the technology of self-defense, we tend to think of complicated devices. Firearms are complex machines with multiple moving parts. Pepper sprays, while straightforward enough, present a complicated series of chemical and packaging challenges to the manufacturer. Stun guns and other gadgets are really just handheld electronic devices. Few if any of these items are easily created by anyone with a pocket knife and a piece of wood, or a hand drill and a scrap of plastic dowel. The pocket stick, however, is.

A pocket stick is a handheld self-defense tool derived from the Japanese yawara, which was in turn developed from a Buddhist ceremonial object resembling a handle with bulbs on either end. Famed martial arts instructor Takayuki Kubota popularized the little dowel as the “kubotan” key ring starting in the 1970s, presenting it as a law-enforcement tool that could be used for leverage in various control and come-along techniques. Today, kubotan-style key rings and pocket sticks can be had from myriad manufacturers. Some are wood; others are knurled metal; still others are plastic rod stock. Some have a loop for the middle and ring fingers of the hand, which permits the user to retain the device while also opening his hand to grasp his opponent.

The reason the pocket stick works is simple physics. The pocket stick can’t feel pain. It’s harder than the bones of your hand. It focuses the force of your blow into a small point, which is the tip of the stick. Thrust into the back of someone’s hand, it can break the bones of that hand. Jabbed into a face or neck, it can do painful, even seriously debilitating injury. Even using it to hammer away at an attacker’s arms, legs, or chest will drive many assailants back. It is a simple-to-use, easy-to-acquire, effortless-to-carry self-defense tool.

You need one. Get one. Buy one. Make one. Acquire a pocket stick in any way possible, or buy a small aluminum-bodied flashlight and learn to use it in the same way. You can’t afford not to, and there’s only one reason for that: Barack Obama stands a very good chance of being re-elected. When he does, he’ll make it that much harder for you to own a gun. He’ll go that much further to make self-defense illegal. He’ll demonstrate that much more contempt for you as a free citizen. To Obama and the Democrats, who are spending most of this week lying baldly to the American people in their wretched convention to re-coronate President Zero, you are a slave. You’re an idiot prole who has no rights and keeps no earnings except what the Democrats, in their generosity, permit you.

How common would you say it is that law-abiding citizens, defending themselves or family members, find themselves on trial for protecting themselves from others’ aggression? If you’ve ever taken a self-defense or shooting class, your instructor was dangerously incompetent if he or she did not warn you about this. All too often, citizens of the United States are forced to spend thousands of dollars – to five- and six-figure amounts, in some cases – justifying their actions in court. They do so despite the fact that by any reasonable examination of the events, they were responding to and neutralizing physical aggression offered by another party.

In the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting, Democratic lawmakers threatened legislation designed to gut “stand-your-ground” self-defense laws. This is, in effect, outlawing self-defense. It says that when presented with physical aggression, you are obligated to flee. You have no right simply to stand up for yourself; you have no right to stand your ground and fight; you are a sheep, and your only option is to run, bleating, into the night. This is the way Democrats picture you. This is the model they want their voters to follow. This is the reason the Democrats are the party of hand-outs, dependence and redistribution of producers’ earnings.

Let us say it honestly: Democrats loathe self-defense. They despise any assertion by the individual that his or her life has value. To the Democrats, all money and all people – the latter is much more significant than the former – belong to the government. This is why it is so important when spindly Barack Obama or bug-eyed Nancy Pelosi sneer at the concept of individual effort building individual success. This is why it matters when hypocrite and Klingon Michelle Obama presumes to dictate what you can eat while shoving junk food into her face. This is why it is significant when disgraced politicians like Anthony Weiner attack private business while sexually harassing any woman within range of their Twitter accounts. Democrats believe the government owns you. Any attempt by you to defend your person is therefore an affront to their possession of your person.

Gun owners tend to be single-issue voters. Self-defense advocates in general tend to group, voluntarily, under the umbrella of gun ownership, because only a fool would advocate self-defense while also hating or fearing firearms. This is pragmatism; this is reality. The firearm is the most effective tool of self-defense yet invented, which is why it is so despised by liberals. Just look at politicians’ NRA ratings. How many Democrats can you find?

Occupy Wall Street, nothing less than a plea for terrorist violence against anyone who is not a “progressive,” shows how physical the libs get when denied their aims. Regardless of the outcome in November, expect more Democratic violence – and expect more Democratic laws denying your right to self-defense.

Arm yourself accordingly. Get a pocket stick. Learn to use it. Do it now. You’re running out of time.

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