His father taught him to love jazz?

So claims an email dispatched this week from the Obama campaign soliciting a donation for a chance to have “Dinner with Barack,” with airfare “on us.”

But the claim is not credible, contends Joel Gilbert, whose documentary “Dreams from My Real Father” has just been released.

“How is this possible?” Gilbert asked.

“Obama’s official life story claims he was with Barack Obama, the Kenyan, only one time, in the early 1970s, and then briefly, for a week or 10 days,” he explained.

“How was that enough time to teach 9-year-old Obama to love jazz music? Besides, jazz is uniquely American. Besides, what evidence is there the Kenyan dug Coltrane?”

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Nevertheless, on Monday Gilbert received an email solicitation from Julianna Smoot, deputy campaign manager of Obama for America.

The same announcement also was posted on the campaign website, encouraging voters to try to win a dinner with President Obama.

Smoot spelled out some of the benefits the winner will enjoy.

“You can learn a lot: His dad taught him to love jazz, his girls get crazy-embarrassed when he dances or sings in public, his dream job is starting point guard for the Chicago Bulls – and he really looks forward to sharing these meals with supporters like you.”

Obama campaign donation solicitation, Sept. 16

Gilbert’s first reaction was to assume the Obama campaign was conceding to the major premise of his documentary: that Frank Marshall Davis was the real, biological and ideological father of Barack Obama, not Barack Obama, the Kenyan, who came from Africa in 1959 to attend the University of Hawaii in Honolulu.

“There can be no arguing that there never was an opportunity for the Kenyan Obama to teach Barry to love jazz,” Gilbert told WND. “However, there was a man who raised Obama who was a jazz aficionado, his name was Frank Marshall Davis.”

Gilbert viewed the ad as a breakthrough.

“It appears the Obama campaign is finally admitting I’m right, that Frank Marshall Davis, the Communist Party USA propagandist and Marxist, was his real father. So there you have it, Obama is a red diaper baby.”

In contrast to the Kenyan Obama, Frank Marshall Davis was widely recognized as a lover of jazz and an expert.

Davis befriended jazz musicians in Chicago, where he was a DJ for a short time on a jazz radio station, WJJD.

After coming to Hawaii in 1948 to help organize the communist-controlled ILWU trade union, Davis wrote a column in the communist-run Honolulu Record newspaper in which he regularly wrote about jazz.

One of his “Frank-ly Speaking” columns can be seen here:

Frank Marshall Davis column, Honolulu Record

Davis also maintained a large collection of jazz records.

In “Dreams from My Real Father,” Gilbert displays nude photos of Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, taken at what he determined was Davis’ house at 2994 Kalihi Street in Honolulu.

In the one of the photos, a record player and record collection are clearly visible.

Two jazz record albums are easily identified – Nat King Cole’s “Love is the Thing” and Stan Kenton’s “Cuban Fire.”

“Now Obama needs to come clean and tell us what Davis taught him about Marxist ideology and destroying the middle class,” Gilbert said. “I would love to go to dinner with Barack Obama and find out all the things his real father taught him, not just “a love of jazz music.”

Still, Gilbert does not plan to donate to the Obama campaign to enter into the contest to win the dinner, but he encourages others to do so.

Borrowing a line from Smoot’s email, he quipped: “If you win, I will expect a full report!”

See the “Dreams from My Real Father” trailer:

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