A conservative political action committee is crying foul after a newspaper in Florida gave in to critics’ harsh condemnation of an ad highlighting what Barack Obama “will” do to America during a second term and apologized for running the ad.

William Murray, of the Government is Not God PAC, told WND, “What’s going on here is simply mob rule.”

He said the PAC’s ad is a “little bit on the brave side.”

“Instead of saying this is what Obama’s done, it says this is what Obama is going to do. The Left knows that it’s true and they need to shut us up and one way is through mob rule. Instead of them [also] running an ad saying that’s wrong, they resort to mob rule. They don’t attack the message, they attack the newspaper. They make the newspaper so uncomfortable the newspaper refunds our money and apologizes for running the ad.”

He told WND he sees little difference between a newspaper apologizing for running an ad and Obama apologizing for free speech when an Islamic mob forms and objects to an idea.

He said the strategy is, “We’re going to teach this newspaper a lesson. That way other newspapers will be afraid. They’ll be afraid we’ll have a demonstration outside their newspaper.”

“That’s all this is about,” he said.

According to the PAC, it was the Sarasota Herald Tribune that carried the ad, which “lists the course on which Obama would take America for the next four years if reelected, including a push for same-sex marriage and the destruction of religious freedom in America.”

See Obama’s second-term plans uncovered by New York Times bestselling authors Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott, in “Fool Me Twice.”

The newspaper’s actions, the PAC explained, were triggered by plans for a protest in front of the newspaper on Thursday.

“So fearful is the Sarasota Herald Tribune that the managing editor has written an apology for accepting the … ad and notified their ad agency that even though the ad has already run, the PAC will be getting a refund,” GINGPAC explained.

“Sarasota Herald Tribune is responding to the mob the same way that Barack Hussein Obama responded to the Muslim mobs in Libya. After our ambassador and three other Americans were killed, Obama apologized for the exercise of free speech in America.” Murray said in a prepared statement. “Basically, the Sarasota Herald Tribune is apologizing to the radical left mob just as Obama apologized to the radical Islamic mobs.”

The ad explains that Obama will move America to “force Christian organizations to pay for abortions,” “force all states to permit same-sex ‘marriages,'” “force states to pay the college tuition of illegal immigrants’ children,” “force courts to accept Islamic Shariah law in domestic disputes,” and “force police agencies to allow Muslim brotherhood to select staff,” among others.

The facts are that the issue of Christian organizations being required to pay for abortions already is being fought in several court jurisdictions, and Obama has publicly stated his abandonment of the federal Defense of Marriage Act. Its collapse could result more federal requirements to recognize same-sex “marriage.”

Further, there already exist programs in which the children of illegal immigrants are getting a subsidized college tuition, and several cases already have said that forbidding American courts to base their decisions on Islamic religious law is not allowed. And Muslims already have forced the federal government to purge its various training programs of anything they perceive as critical of Islam.

“When you have a politician who leads you halfway to hell, why can’t you make the assumption he’s going to lead you the rest of the way [in a second term],” Murray told WND.

The Tampa Bay Times called it a “seriously ugly and false anti-Obama ad.”

It already had run in a number of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania newspapers and is scheduled to continue in more.

Murray, son of the nation’s most famous atheist, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, recently released “My Life Without God.”

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