Obama’s ‘black-and-white TV’ jab

By Mychal Massie

Does Obama really have such disrespect for the people of America that he believes he can just say anything at all and people will believe it? Does he despise and resent the greatness of America and the gift to the world that America has been almost from its inception? Or is he suffering from an increasing mental/emotional instability that leads him to say the things he does?

I’m inclined to think it is a combination of all three with a heavy emphasis on the latter.

What American leader in his right mind would tell Americans who had labored and sacrificed to build successful businesses that they “didn’t build” their businesses? What sane American leader would tell those who had, in many instances, risked everything they had to build their businesses that “someone else” was responsible for their success?

I’ll tell you what kind of leader – the same kind of so-called leader who, in the midst of spectacular administrative failure, refuses to admit his plans are only a success if you are a proponent of neo-Leninism.

Saturday, Sept. 1, Obama told a crowd of approximately 10,000 Iowans, that the agenda Mitt Romney and others laid out at the Republican Convention last week was “better suited for the last century. It was a rerun. We’d seen it before. You might as well have watched it on a black-and-white TV,” he said, obviously amused by his comment.

He continued, saying that “If you didn’t DVR it, let me recap it for you. Everything is bad, it’s Obama’s fault, and Governor Romney is the only one who knows the secret to creating jobs and growing the economy.”

For those who may have missed it, let me capsulize Obama’s record for you again, as I wrote in “Why Doesn’t Obama Boast About These Accomplishments?”:

The question the rest of the American voters must ask themselves is how Obama reconciles his self-affirmation of economic success with the fact that there are more people living below the government’s poverty line than at any time since 1959. There are 46 million, or 15.6 percent of the population, living in poverty, i.e., people with an annual income below $11,139.

As Brian at “Brian’s Right Perspective” wrote: “We tried our plan [Obama said] – and it worked!” President Obama is now hitting uncharted territory with, possibly, the most delusional statement he’s yet made on the economy. He can’t possibly believe the crap that falls out of his mouth, so I can only conclude that this president, and his administration, believe that the America people are stupid enough to believe this tripe.

Let’s see how well Obama’s economic plan has worked:

June 2012:
Unemployment (U-3) – steady at 8.2 percent (up from 8.1 percent in April)
Underemployed (U-6) – rose to 14.9 percent
Long Term Unemployment ([more than] 27 weeks) 5.4 million or 41.9 percent of all unemployed
Discouraged workers – no longer looking: 821,000
Labor Force Participation: 63.8 percent
Americans who have left labor force: 8.6 million
Americans on Food Stamps (April 2012): 46.2 million (1 in 7 Americans)
U.S. GDP growth (1st Qtr 2012): 1.9 percent (Historical 3.25 percent) – GDP under 3 percent 6 of last 7 Qtrs (3 percent – 4th Qtr 2011)

In addition to all of the sunshine shown above, since June 2009, inflation-adjusted income has plummeted under Obama by 6.7 percent. That is, the money you do make buys less.

I wonder what the numbers would look like if Obama’s plan didn’t work? (June 24, 2012)

The above was in reference to Obama’s claim that his economic plan was working. At the time, his claim seemed clueless, but I believe his claim was a double-entendre by which he thought he was being clever. Because his economic plan is working – if the plan is to “fundamentally change America.” But I digress.

Obama can joke, mimic and blame Bush all he wants – the bottom line is, regardless of what one thinks of Romney (and I don’t think much of him) – at least Romney has a record of creating jobs. Obama has a record of creating debt, unemployment and blaming Bush.

When Obama told the crowd in Iowa that “you’ve lived through it [i.e., the black-and-white TV Republican years] and you can’t afford to repeat it,” they booed him.

Obama should keep in mind that leaders are leaders because they lead. They don’t blame others, and they don’t belittle the people. He should also keep in mind that the black-and-white TV days he so derisively mocked were the President Eisenhower years – and as I recall they were infinitely better than anything Obama can point to having done.

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