Circulating on the Internet is a combined image of a bloody hand clutching at a wall at the U.S. compound in Benghazi where Ambassador Christopher Stevens was murdered and Barack Obama’s redesigned U.S. flag with the campaign logo in place of the stars.

Obama campaign flag, top; Bloody Benghazi wall, bottom

The similarity of the stripes on the flag and the bloody hand prints poses a graphic criticism of the Obama campaign’s indulgence in the Obama cult of personality amid charges of neglected security threats to diplomatic personnel as the so-called “Arab Spring” turns to a Muslim Brotherhood winter.

National security, which had not been a major issue in the 2012 presidential campaign, was thrust front-and-center after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack in Libya and the rioting last week across the Muslim world.

As Obama prepares to address the United Nations on Tuesday, he faces the apparent collapse of a foreign policy predicated on the theory that greater understanding of the Muslim world in the United States will moderate radical Islam in the Middle East.

The creator of the bloody-hand graphic, which was posted on the Jawa Report website, has not been identified.

The American flag redesigned by the Obama 2012 presidential campaign with the Obama logo in the place of the stars and five red-orange painted lines in place of the red stripes was offered for sale last week on It drew a firestorm of criticism on Twitter.

The advertisement for the Obama flag appears to have removed from the campaign website after criticism that the American victims in Libya were disrespected by the Obama campaign.

Obama campaign redesigned flag offered for sale on

London’s Daily Mail was among the first to publicize the photos of the bloody hand on the Benghazi wall, reporting the bloodstains on the column were from one of the American staff members who grabbed the edge of the column in the attack that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Stevens, on Sept. 11.

In an Associated Press photograph, a Libyan illustrated how the bloody hand stain was created.

Associated Press photo: Bloody hand wall in Benghazi, Libya

The Daily Mail said the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi embassy “was an easy target as it had not been equipped to withstand a riot, and as such, did not have bullet-proof glass or reinforced doors.”


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