Only reason you need to vote out Obama

By Joseph Farah

Over the last four years, I have catalogued hundreds of reasons Barack Obama is a disaster for this country.

I mean it quite literally when I say that another four years of Obama will result in the fall of the USA as we have known it since it became a true, functioning nation with a working government 223 years ago.

But there is one reason we will never have true representative government, again, if he is re-elected. In fact, should he “win” re-election in November, we may learn we were too late to avert his revolution against it.

That reason he must be defeated is “legalized” voter fraud.

What do I mean by “legalized” voter fraud?

It comes in many forms – voter intimidation, organized ACORN-style registration efforts, “dead” voters, etc. But the grand lollapalooza, the irreversible destruction of representative government of the kind this nation has striven for since its founding, will come when voter identification laws are eradicated systematically, as the Obama administration has been doing throughout its first term.

Think about this.

You are required to show identification to do lots of things in the United States. To name a few:

  • travel by air;
  • get a driver’s license;
  • register your child for school;
  • register your child for organized sports;
  • open a bank account;
  • even some buying of necessities with a credit card;

But the Obama administration claims it is racist and a matter of intentional voter suppression to require identification to vote.

I want you to ask yourself if that makes sense.

Why do you suppose the Obama administration – and, in fact, the entire Democratic Party establishment – wants to delegitimize and ban simple voter identification laws?

There is only one logical, plausible reason. You know it. And I know it. The reason is to fix future elections – to rig them, to stuff the ballots with illegitimate votes by non-citizens by non-eligible participants.

That’s why this election will either be the last legitimate election or the one in which we learn we were too late to save representative government in America from people determined to trash it forever.

Last week, the Democrats held their national convention in Charlotte, N.C. Not only did the Democrats require photo identification to get into the Bank of America Stadium where the event was held, police officials required it just to get near the arena.

Requiring photo ID makes sense, of course, for security reasons. Nobody holding an event wants party crashers. But what about national security? Should we not, as a nation, be concerned that the sacred choice of our elected officials who are in charge of national security be chosen by legally eligible voters? Or should we just let ballots be cast by anyone who shows up with no concern for who they are and how many times they vote?

Can you believe there is even a debate about this in America? The fact that we are having it illustrates just how many so-called Americans have lost their ability to think clearly.

But what should we expect from Obama, who himself refuses to release personal information as basic as school records, papers he has written, health history, passport and travel documents, etc. And let’s not forget about that birth certificate. He refused for three years to release it to prove he himself was constitutionally eligible for office. When he finally offered up what he claimed was his legitimate long-form document, it was found by the only law-enforcement investigation that examined it to be fraudulent.

Like I said, there are hundreds of reasons this election is the most important in American history. But the one imperative is to ensure America’s future as a legitimate, constitutional representative republic.

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