Top-rated talk-radio host Michael Savage announced today he has won his legal battle to free himself from his syndicator, the Talk Radio Network, and can negotiate with a new network.

He said he “will not be heard on the radio for some time” but will continue to update his website and produce a free daily newsletter.

As WND reported, Savage sued TRN in December 2010 regarding his contract, alleging the network used “illegal and unenforceable contract provisions” and “other strong-armed tactics” to intimidate him and force him into accepting a “sub-standard agreement.”

The federal case was referred to arbitration.

Savage’s lawyer, Daniel Horowitz, told WND that Savage was awarded money damages and “complete freedom” from TRN. He declined to disclose the amount but said it was seven figures.

Savage has been given ownership of his show, according to Horowitz, which means he will be off the air until he signs a contract with a new syndicator.

“Within an hour of knowing he was free, we were already talking to top names in the business,” Horowitz said.

WND contacted TRN, but a staffer said no one in a position to comment was available.

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As WND reported, the new Talk Stream Live “Power 50,” which ranks the top talk-radio shows streaming on the Web, had Savage in the No. 2 spot.

Talk Stream Live says it sampled more than 1.2 million listeners during the first six months of the year to produce “The Power 50 Report” – the 50 most influential talk show hosts on the Internet and on mobile devices.

“We are proud to report that Rush Limbaugh is No. 1 and Michael Savage is No. 2,” said TSL. “These are the most listened to talk show hosts in the world.”

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