I know Barack Obama is serious about winning re-election.

Sometimes I wonder if Mitt Romney and the GOP establishment are.

If this is indeed the most important presidential election in American history, and if the contrast between the candidates is so clear, why are the Republicans so timid about going after Obama?

I’ve given away far too much free advice to Team Romney, none of which was taken, with the possible exception of his birth certificate remark, from which the candidate quickly distanced himself. But here’s another shot.

I would call it “The Birds of a Feather” ad.

I should quickly point out I didn’t come up with the substance of this spot. It was created by FightFiercely.com – which is a pretty good name, and a pretty good descriptive of what Romney and company are not doing.

Imagine the essentials of this wonderful document as a 60-second TV spot.

The narrator begins: “What would you conclude about Mitt Romney if …

  • “His most important mentor was segregationist Lester Maddox?
  • “He began his political career in the home of klansman David Duke?
  • “His pastor of 20 years was the America-hating Rev. Fred Phelps?
  • “He chose right-wing extremist Timothy McVeigh as a top adviser?
  • “His parents were anti-capitalist radicals who hated America?

“You would probably conclude things like birds of a feather flock together and the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.

“Now, what do you conclude about Romney’s opponent, Barack Obama?

  • “His most influential early mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA.
  • “He launched his political career in the living room of self-avowed communist professor Bill Ayers.
  • “His long-time anti-American pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, preached Black Liberation Theology. (Marxism)
  • “He appointed formerly self-avowed communist/radical black nationalist Van Jones as one of his top advisers.
  • “His parents were anti-colonial Marxists who detested Western countries, including America.

“Do the thoughts birds of a feather and the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree come to mind when you think of Barack Obama?

“Awaken, America, before it’s too late.”

I would change a word or two here and there – but you get the point.

It’s pretty effective and damning stuff.

But you don’t see anything like this coming out of the Republican camp. Why? Because of media intimidation – pure and simple. They don’t want to have to answer to the press for stating the simple and undeniable facts about their opponent. John McCain had the same problem – and look what happened to him.

It’s almost as if Republicans are determined to fight with one hand tied behind their back.

They are afraid of telling the American people the truth.

Once in a while they slip up – as Romney did when he explained that 47 percent of the vote is locked up by Obama because of government’s trap of dependency – a trap Obama will surely expand if he’s re-elected, ensuring 2012 will be America’s last chance at a free and fair election.

In typical form, Romney later backed down from that truthful statement.

Romney even threw overboard the Republican senatorial candidate in Missouri because he made a gaffe blown way out of proportion by the press. Somehow, they think the media will treat them more kindly if they act like this.

Here’s what Romney and company need to understand: The establishment press, which is in the pocket of the Democrats and Obama, is never going to like them no matter what they do. They can act like complete gentlemen – but it won’t make a difference. They will be just as vicious toward them when they play nice. This is a high-stakes game for the state-sponsored media.

When, I wonder, is it going to become a high stakes game for the Republicans?

When is this campaign going to get as nasty as it should be – as it deserves to be, as it needs to be?

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