Why tolerate media propaganda?

By Barry Farber

Forgive me, folks; this can be annoying. But I’m trying to save the country. We’ve got to get rid of this president!

President Obama equivocated over whether or not Egypt was an ally. He concluded Egypt is not an ally, but also not an enemy. During World War II the media were America’s ally, like the British and Chinese. Now, in their unconditional support for Obama, they’ve made themselves an enemy.

Four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, were slain in Libya, so there’s no attempt at humor here. The irony, however, is inescapable. Last week Obama got a nice laugh at a fundraiser when he said, “You know, Romney and Ryan are new to foreign policy.” The next day a mob assailed our embassy in Egypt precipitating the most pusillanimous and disgraceful diplomatic note since the one thanking Adolf Hitler for his understanding during the Munich Conference in 1938. And that one was British.

The next day, Ambassador Stevens and three other American officials were murdered, and by nightfall the following day at least 20 other countries had staged “Hate-America” rallies, burning the American flag and performing other acts unbecoming people who’ve been liberated, rescued, defended, fed and financed by America.

In calling Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan “new” to foreign policy, Obama may have inadvertently given those two a powerful endorsement. America’s foreign policy could use a little “new.”

Have you ever wondered why this president can make a hash of everything and still enjoy an approval rating hovering around 50 percent and command a slight lead over Romney in the polls? He should rightly be low enough to walk under a snake’s belly wearing a top hat, with enough space to spare so nothing touches. What “levitation” system keeps him aloft, apart from racial affinity and the hordes of new people he’s infected with FGS (free government stuff)?

The answer: short, sweet and complete – the media!

One reason sports will always be more popular than politics is that this kind of fraud can’t work in sports. If there were a quarterback or a pitcher who did his job as poorly as Obama does his and yet had the major sportswriters and commentators constantly and lavishly praising him and denigrating his betters, those commentators would get angry letters in New England, lose their jobs in North Carolina and need police protection to leave the studio in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Instead we just take it, like those trapped in Nazi and Communist dictatorships used to take all the obviously false propaganda without protest. This is beyond troubling. This is dangerous.

The late writer, social critic and friend and champion of humane and decent treatment for animals, Cleveland Amory, gave us a brilliant example of how to handle shameless, lying advocates of unworthy causes. His targets were those researchers who have no concern whatever for sparing laboratory animals pain and abuse. One such research scientist, whom Amory considered the most villainous of all, was faced off against him in a television debate. That scientist would admit to no abuse or improper treatment of any kind in any experiment involving animals anywhere.

“What about that awful experiment,” asked Amory, “in which they tied a dog’s front paws to an iron ring in the wall and beat his hind legs mercilessly until the poor animal passed out?” The scientist was quick to reply, “Mr. Amory, you have no idea how much human suffering was averted by the very lessons they learned about people whose legs are pinned down by fallen beams after an earthquake or the explosion and collapse of a building in wartime.”

Amory then closed the trap by saying, “Doctor, there never was such an experiment. I just wanted to show you would defend anything!

We see the media “defending” anything and everything about Obama every day. Obama cannot double a deficit, sink a Solyndra, fail to produce jobs, preside over a financial downgrade, alienate an ally, apologize to an enemy, bow to a feudal monarch, allow Iran to get closer to a nuclear bomb, watch a green-dream fade to black, watch gas prices march upward, endorse a laughable lie about something like “Fast and Furious” – nothing goes on without the media-cheerleaders offering throaty huzzahs as America sinks into this vast Obama-genic snake pit.

There’s a slight chance right now that some of those media grenades are exploding in their faces. Some good, hard-biting ridicule is beginning to work on the hind legs of major media. Have you seen it? Those who defend Obama past the point of comedy are being portrayed by pundits, bloggers and bashers as brainless zombies who know one question only, and that is, “Mr. Romney, what about all your gaaaaaaffes (gaffes)?” The ridicule tags them for ignoring the Cairo embassy “apology” note that was later repudiated by Washington; ignoring Romney’s consequent vindication in criticizing that note; ignoring the 20 countries that were so quick to say, “We hate America, too!”; ignoring everything but “Mr. Romney, what about all your gaaaaaaffes?

Ridicule is a democracy’s substitute for incarceration, torture and execution. C’mon, Media. Try being fair to Romney. And Obama.

You might have beginner’s luck.

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