WASHINGTON – Looking for some great new videos that offer more than just entertainment but insight into America’s moral and spiritual crisis?

  • “300 Million Slaves: A Film About the United States and Its Free Society”: This one will blow your mind – and maybe open it to the truth. Here’s the premise: “We have nobody to blame but ourselves. We’re in the midst of a war. We will lose if we don’t wake up.” The United States is plagued with economic, political, geopolitical and social problems. As a nation, we are morally bankrupt and at risk of losing the battle for our culture. “300 MILLION SLAVES” discusses the root causes of how the United States got to this point and the implications of inaction, as well as providing a solution that will equip, empower and challenge viewers to engage their communities and reclaim lost ground in this battle for our culture. Future generations require that we fight for our freedoms NOW – before they are lost forever. In the last three and a half years our national debt has skyrocketed by more than 33 percent. “We’re at a point now,” says the film’s creator Kirk Elliott, Ph.D., “where this is mathematically impossible to pay back. We have got to stop the bleeding and take our country over.”

  • “2016: Obama’s America”: This one you’ve heard all about. It’s selling out in theaters across the country. Now you can see it in the privacy of your own family room. Immersed in exotic locales across four continents, bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza races against time to find answers to Obama’s past and reveal where America will be in 2016. During this journey, he discovers how Hope and Change became radically misunderstood, and he identifies new flash points for hot wars in mankind’s greatest struggle. The journey moves quickly over the arc of the old colonial empires into America’s empire of liberty, and we see the unfolding realignment of nations and the shape of the global future.

  • Are you a Bob Dylan fan? If so, the WND Superstore has two new releases for you – both from Joel Gilbert, the filmmaker behind the hot new documentary “Dreams of My Real Father.” First there is “Bob Dylan: 1975 to 1981, Rolling Thunder and the Gospel Years.”Bob Dylan’s creative genius reached a crescendo as he hit the road with a ragtag band of folk troubadours in the 1975 “Rolling Thunder Revue.” Appearing unannounced in small venues, the Revue culminated in “The Night of the Hurricane” benefit at Madison Square Garden for Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, the boxer convicted of triple murder. In his first interview in 30 years, “The Hurricane” tells all. Folk legend Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, violinist Scarlet Rivera, bassist Rob Stoner and Ms. Jacques Levy reveal the inside story of the “Desire” album, Joey Gallo, the “Rolling Thunder Revue” and the maligned tour film, “Renaldo and Clara.” Following his reinvention as “The Entertainer” in 1978, Bob Dylan fell into the arms of the Lord through the Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church. Dylan made three gospel albums, winning a Grammy for “Gotta Serve Somebody.” However, his radical new direction alienated fans and enraged critics as he preached evangelical messages from the book of Revelation.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpTHPLcY6ZQ

    In his first-ever interview, Dylan’s Bible class teacher, Pastor Bill Dwyer, describes Dylan’s born-again transformation. Legendary “Slow Train Coming” producer Jerry Wexler, background singer Regina McCrary, keyboardist Spooner Oldham, songwriter Al Kasha, San Francisco Chronicle rock reporter Joel Selvin, AJ Weberman and others tell the tale of Bob Dylan’s Gospel Years. Director and producer Joel Gilbert weaves the story of this monumental period of Dylan’s life and music through revealing insider portraits, exclusive photos, live concert video and TV footage from 1975 to 1981, with visits to Rundown Studios, the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, the Vineyard Church and the Fox Warfield Theatre. Then there’s “Inside Bob Dylan’s Jesus Years”: Once called “Dylan’s God Awful Gospel” by his most loyal fans, Bob Dylan’s “Jesus Years” are today regarded as among the best of his career. Finally, here is an insider’s view into Bob Dylan’s “Born Again” transformation and its effect on his life and music. Included are rare photos and exclusive live concert footage from 1978 to 1981, while Bob Dylan himself explains the impact of Jesus on his life and art in a recently unearthed interview from 1981. Visits to the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, the Vineyard Church and the Fox Warfield Theatre all help tell the intimate tale of Bob Dylan’s Jesus Years.

  • “Beyond a Pale Horse”: Looming world government, a world “elite,” the United Nations … loss of American Sovereignty! The light of our “shining city on a hill” dims. Dissecting America under judgment, such patriots as Lt. General William Boykin, Elena Chitta, Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Jim Marrs, Dr. Stan Montieth, Joel Skousen and Gerald Celente, join Charlie Daniels in a primer for the uninitiated on The New World Order, with biblical perspective. A global feudal police state unfolds. We were born for such a time as this! Be a part of the solution. Freedom depends on it.

  • “The Political Animal: Debunking the Myths That Keep Christians From Becoming More Like Christ – and Changing the World – Through Political Involvement”:The future of America depends on what Christians do – or don’t do. We’re a nation on the brink. So much is at stake and Christians could change everything by getting involved. But they’re nowhere to be found. Only 25 percent of evangelicals vote. Even fewer take a stand on the critical issues of our day. If America falls it will be the fault of believers who knew the truth but refused to stand for it. Enter Summit’s brand new Political Animal course: a credible, plug-and-play tool to mobilize your friends to engage constructively in politics. Join Summit president and championship debater Dr. Jeff Myers as he dissects the myths Christians believe and shows how to engage politically – with integrity. Here’s what you’ll learn: Video 1: Engagement: Not Easy, Not Optional; Video 2: Four Myths About Politics; Video 3: Why Christians Avoid Politics and How They Can Embrace It With Integrity; Video 4: Politics American Style: A Christian Tradition; Video 5: How to Make a Difference in Politics; Video 6: Beware; Each training kit comes with DVDs and a study guide.
  • “America at War”: In a time of great turmoil, courageous men took a stand. Own a piece of your history! The DVD includes six films made during WWII, with actual footage from various key battles and campaigns: from Normandy, to Iwo Jima, to MacArthur’s campaign in the Pacific. This compilation includes some very compelling, educational and quality films that remain a stunning visual record of the war. The films include: “Appointment in Tokyo”; “The Arm Behind the Army”: “D-Day Minus One”; “Mission Accomplished”; “To the Shores of Iwo Jima”; “Troop Train.”

The WND Superstore is constantly expanding its inventory of classic books, new WND releases, great new videos and much, much more. If you haven’t been there lately, it’s time to take a browse.

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