Eric Allen Bell

In 2010 filmmaker and Daily Kos columnist Eric Allen Bell was harvesting all the fruits of an American leftist in Hollywood: connections, lucrative contracts, rising fame and fortune and especially the paternal nod of approval of the powers that be. His peer and co-worker Michael Moore was piling up the Oscars, and all was right with their little version of the world.

And then came Bell’s documentary project “Not Welcome,” concerning a Bible Belt backlash against the construction of a 53,000 square-foot mega-mosque. In the process of uncovering the roots of “Islamophobia,” Bell, as he describes it, was “mugged by the truth.”

“I found the truth about Muhammad and political Islam in America,” Bell said, “and have been a counter-Jihad blogger and activist since.”

“Islamophobia” is a contrived, “politically manufactured myth,” he claims, and his life and present circumstances are virtual proof of that. When Bell stepped outside the lines with a few awkward questions about the Murfreesboro, Tenn., Islamic Center, life as he had known it abruptly ended.

He posed this question to his peers and backers: “With only 45 Muslim paying member families of this Islamic Center, what are their plans, and where are they getting all of this money from?”

From the reaction Bell describes I can only imagine Michael Moore covering his ears and screaming, “Verboten! One must not question the prophet or his sycophants!”

Continuing to nose around as he had been requested to do, Bell kept finding little red flags stuck all over Murfreesboro.

They asked him things like, “Why do some Islamic Center board members praise and have their pictures taken with known terrorists?” and, “Why are so many of books on their recommending reading list from members of the Muslim Brotherhood?”

Actual investigative journalism of this type can’t be long tolerated in the American media. Bell didn’t get any valid answers, but he did get slapped in face by his former buddies and faces an avalanche of abuse and death threats.

The terror campaign falsely imputed to the film “Innocence of Muslims” was working gangbusters for the Muslim Brotherhood last month. They successfully attributed rioting, rape and murder of Ambassador Stevens to their injured artistic sensibilities, and the West chimed, “Amen, so be it.” Off to jail goes a little Egyptian “filmmaker,” while most of the killers go free.

Buoyed with success beyond belief, the Libyan terrorists et al, turned their sights on Eric Allen Bell and accused him of making the “The Innocence of Muslims,” knowing full well it was a complete lie. Why not? He’s a filmmaker and had the unmitigated nerve to question the funding and purpose of the Murfreesboro Islamic Center. The entire world swallowed their enraged whining in Libya – why shouldn’t it work here?

Even President Obama helpfully heaped abuse on the film, encouraging the murderers with his stern U.N. rebuke (to filmmakers): “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

Bell calls Obama the most powerful friend Islam ever had and an “appeaser of fascists.” In keeping with his presidential wisdom, it appears that that there is no film entitled “The Innocence of Muslims” and probably never has been. I can’t find it, and neither can anyone else on the globe – only an amateurish, 14-minute, patched together YouTube trailer that originally had another name and doubtful origins.

Bell claims the rumor associating him with the film was “intentionally planted by those who wish to silence me after I published several articles, naming names and making connections between certain mosques, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.”

“Who would want to silence me so badly or even to get me killed?” he asks.

The filmmaker summed up the recent campaign against his life for “I stand falsely accused of being the director of the hit YouTube Islamo-comedy, ‘The Innocence of Muslims.’ I did not make that film, nor do I know the people who did, but that hasn’t stopped over a hundred Muslims from sending me death threats… or Islamic terrorists from placing a bounty on my head.”

Political Islam especially poses a “serious threat to the free world,” Bell warned, elaborating on it with the intensity of a man pushed face first into a brick wall: “‘Islam’ means submission. If this belief system were a human being, it would have the mind of a rapist. Islam gets off on making you submit. Islam is a criminal enterprise, using lies about hell and paradise to manipulate its masses. Islam is terrorism.”

With this and similar statements, Bell’s world has been violently shaken. He was moved to a safe house while the FBI investigates numerous death threats but must raise his own funds for living and publishing. Although he is advised to avoid public places and meeting with others, his underground digs haven’t stopped him from devising new methods to fight back.

In a few short weeks Bell metamorphosed from a typical left-wing, Maoist acolyte into someone resembling Mel Gibson’s character in “The Patriot.” On a quest for the truth over who framed him and why, his motto is “TRUTH is the Enemy of Islamic Brutality: Spread it like Napalm!”

His articles have gone viral, and he’s everywhere: on television, on radio talk shows and Internet sites, including some new ones of his own. His life would make a great movie itself, but would Hollywood ever do it?

A hot fury over his threatened liberties and the malicious liars who put him there seems to energize Bell. It’s payback time now – he’s naming names and making accusations of his own.

For instance, he claims that the watchdog site “” is a terrorist spin control network, while I always thought they were just crazy.

“The owner of that site is from the same part of the world, where newspapers keep ‘accidentally’ publishing my name and my picture and calling for me to be punished for ‘mocking the prophet,'” Bell insists.

With no intentions to cower in a safe house, Bell warns Americans of an “an emerging nuclear-armed Islamic caliphate” attempting to overshadow the world, and places the U.S. front and center: “The entire free world hangs on the American right to free speech. If that right is gone or compromised, not only do we lose our freedom here in America, but like dominoes the entire civilized world will fall.”

I can’t help but compare Bell’s predicament with Seattle artist Molly Norris. In 2010 liberal, good-hearted Molly lightly suggested an “Everyone Draw Mohammed day,” assuming that it would take stress and notoriety off other cartoonists under dire threat.

Oh, poor, idealistic Molly, who actually believed the intelligentsia would stand up and support her, making a target too large and diverse for the terrorists. Many threw her under the bus, then profusely apologized to her tormentors like buffoons. Norris has effectively vanished on FBI advice, and her art career is down the toilet.

Have times changed? I asked Bell if he had advice for American artists, and this is a summary of his response: “Now more than ever your courage and creativity are being called upon. Your country needs you. Is it possible that a society run on Islamic law can produce much of anything in the way of important contributions to the world? Islam and unrestrained creativity cannot coexist.

“Great artists give us a glimpse into our highest potential,” Bell continued. “Islam seeks to confine one at the level of lowest human potential.”

He added, “There is a saying that ‘Liberty is paid for in installments, one generation at a time.’ Our number is being called, and your payment is now due.

“So how does one make that payment?” he asked. “Mock the ‘prophet.’ Mock around the clock. Take a stand to protect free speech and free expression. Let the savage, rioting masses know that we in the civilized world will not bow down to the lunacy of Islam.”

To artists in the Islamic world Bell reminds them that we are “free thinkers, free spirits and visionaries,” but the Islamic Scriptures and law deem questions and critical thinking a sin.

His advice? “Get out now while you still can,” which is exactly why Europe is full of artists and writers from Islamic nations.

Unhappy with defection from the ranks of the eternally gullible, the Daily Kos fired him over a charge of “Islamophobia.”

And it occurred to him, “As long as I am living with all the trappings of a man who made a film which offended Muslims – why not make one?”

He’s now taking his 300+ hours of footage and intends to complete this documentary as his personal story calling it, “American Infidel.”

Bell feels he is “risking everything” to tell the world the truth about Islam. He returned his backers ‘money, knowing they would be far from pleased with his revelations and is looking for financiers and backers for his expenses.

He may have physically gone underground, but Bell intends to defy his adversaries through exposing political Islam and those who advance it in America.

Bell had only this to say to his adversaries: “I will not be silenced.”

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