Many Americans are increasingly puzzled by Barack Obama’s seemingly desperate words and actions. They wonder:

  • Why is he still talking about Mitt the Terrible making women second-class citizens when it hasn’t worked?

  • Why is he still yelling about the Flakey Frumpy Fluke issue of forcing taxpayers to cough up $9 a month to enable every bed-hopping young female to buy contraceptives when it hasn’t worked?
  • Why is he still mouthing such childish terms as Romnesia when it hasn’t worked?
  • Why is he still bantering about the three B’s (Big Bird, Binders and Bulls–t) when it hasn’t worked?

In fact, his recent remark about Romney being a “bullsh–-er” not only hasn’t worked, it made him sound like a petty, immature thug – which, of course, he is. But that doesn’t seem to bother Obama, who clearly he has no intention of apologizing for his foul, juvenile behavior. So the question is, why would he act like an angry adolescent if it’s only succeeding in hurting his favorability ratings?

Which brings me to the subject of pathological lying. A pathological liar is someone who lies habitually, chronically and compulsively. Lying has become a way of life for such a person, to the point where being truthful actually becomes uncomfortable for him.

So, is BHO simply a pathological liar who can’t control himself? Sorry, but I don’t believe for a second that the Duplicitous Despot has told tens of thousands of lies since 2008 because he is pathologically incapable of telling the truth.

Obama’s problem is that he is a sociopath. What makes a sociopathic liar different from a pathological liar is that he employs lying for the specific purpose of manipulating others. This explanation fits Barack Obama perfectly, as he must certainly be the most manipulative U.S. president in history.

In 2008, he was able to manipulate the majority of the electorate by engaging in a nonstop campaign of breathtaking lies. And, even today, after bringing America to the verge of total collapse and being repeatedly caught with his pants on fire, he still has nearly half the population bamboozled.

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As to Benghazi-gate, he’s managed to outdo himself, seemingly intent on becoming trapped in a web of lies about this bigger-than-Watergate mess. Why would anyone be so self-destructive? Because, despite the fact that he appears trapped by his endless stream of Benghazi-gate lies, Obama sincerely believes that, because there have been no serious consequences to his serial lying throughout his career, he will be able to once again skate free.

But there’s another important aspect to Barack Obama’s boundless lies. He also possesses a personality disorder that I like to refer to as the Paul Puffery Syndrome. I came up with this descriptive name as a result of observing a young insurance salesman (“Paul Puffery”) whom I encountered in my mid-20s. Paul was an affable young fellow who was always able to light up a room with his amazing fabulist tales. Unfortunately, his deeds did not match his puffery, as he was, in truth, a pathetic failure as an insurance salesman.

I happened to be personal friends with the head of the agency (“Vern”) for whom Paul worked – a quiet, intense man who was results-oriented. From time to time, Vern would ask me to come to one of his agency meetings and say a few words to his salespeople.

Often, these meetings would morph into Paul Puffery whopper sessions. On one occasion, when the meeting was over and Vern and I were alone, I asked him why Paul never seemed to tire of spouting off about his nonexistent feats, knowing that everyone in the room was fully aware that he was actually failing.

Vern pondered my question, then answered softly, “A person like Paul is in such desperate need of adulation that even though he is fully aware that everything he says in public is untrue, he can’t resist the high it gives him to puff himself up in front of others.”

I then asked Vern, “But isn’t he concerned that people are laughing at him behind his back?” To which Vern replied, “He might be, but it’s worth it to him to feel important even if only for an hour or so. He just wants that quick fix, even if he knows it will only last until he goes home and has to look in the mirror.”

Which brings me to Obama. As I watched the Master of the Forked Tongue shout to a crowd of teeny boppers, like a guy on a weekend pass from an insane asylum, that his “plan” would cut $4 trillion from the deficits over the next four years, I couldn’t help but think of Paul Puffery.

As America’s make-believe president lashed out with one whopper after another, I could feel his insatiable need for adulation from this crowd of strangers. To hell with having to face the wrath of his ruthless drill sergeant, Mad Mama Obama, when he got home. All he could think of right now was how much he needed love from this crowd of adoring, comatose kids.

Sick, yes. But let’s be grateful for the fact that while he’s still able to manipulate millions of hollow heads into believing his embarrassing lies, there are even more millions of us who are focused on simple questions that remain unanswered – like why has this shadowy character never allowed his genuine birth certificate to be made public, why does he have a Connecticut Social Security number when he never lived in Connecticut, and why does he refuse to release his college records from Columbia?

Ah, I can just hear Greta the Grinch in the background asking Donald Trump, “But, Donald, why in the world would he do that? What would his motive be?” Don’t fret about it, Greta. Just drink your glass of warm milk, and everything will be fine.

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