Can Conan O’Brien tell the future?

Some might be wondering now that a Big Bird/Barack Obama controversy is once again ruffling feathers in the national news, three years after O’Brien featured Big Bird on “‘The Tonight Show” when O’Brien was still hosting the NBC program.

Since Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has said he’s looking to cut funding for PBS, which airs shows including “Sesame Street,” President Obama’s campaign has been saying that Romney is anti-Big Bird, one of the show’s popular characters.

The producers of “Sesame Street” this week asked Obama’s campaign not to include their character in commercials.

But this is not the first time the yellow-beaked giant has cried fowl with the Obama administration.

In 2009, Big Bird had a discussion with first lady Michelle Obama on a “Sesame Street” episode.

The appearance, though, was redubbed by O’Brien for comedic value on “The Tonight Show.”

As the scene opened up, Big Bird approached Michelle Obama, saying, “Well, look who’s here to push her husband’s socialist health-care agenda? Or maybe you’re here to finally show us your husband’s United States birth certificate!”

“No, Big Bird, I’m not,” said Mrs. Obama.

“That’s ’cause you can’t!” countered Big Bird. “Are you absolutely sure he wasn’t born in Kenya?”

“I’m sure, Big Bird,” said Mrs. Obama.

“That’s not what the Basket Bunch says,” said Big Bird.

A group of talking vegetables then chimed in: “Yeah, your husband’s a stinkin’ liar. We’re gonna run him out of office!”

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