Next week’s election will feature rampant voter fraud on the part of the Democrats. Already, early voting in North Carolina has uncovered machines that logged double votes for Obama when those votes were cast for Romney. Election officials claim there’s no cause for worry, and why should there be?

After all, it’s not like we have man-on-the-street footage of Obama voters admitting to voting more than once in the past. Oh, wait. We do. All right, well, that’s clearly troubling, but it’s not as if we have footage of prominent Democrats conspiring to rig this year’s election. Oh, wait. We do. Well, it isn’t as if Obama’s supporters are thugs who have a history of standing in front of polls illegally carrying weapons and intimidating white voters, whom they, in their racism, presume to be votes against Glorious Leader Obama.

Oh, wait. That happened too, didn’t it?

With the election approaching, it seems likely Democrats and their paid muscle – from SEUI thugs, who beat a black man for protesting against Obamacare, to armed paramilitary groups like the Black Panthers, to those pathetic, unemployed Obama voters who threaten to riot if their rudder-eared Marxist doesn’t win next week – will be out in force. What’s more, and what is most important, is the fact that no matter what a Democrat does or threatens to do in an effort to steal the election, suppress the Romney vote, or punish voters for not re-electing Obama, nothing whatsoever will be done to these “progressives.”

You saw ample evidence of that when the club-toting Black Panthers were caught on film intimidating voters in 2008. Eric Holder (whom we’ve since learned is responsible for much worse, given his involvement in the “Fast and Furious” scandal) whined at the time that the focus on the case “demeans my people.” The two thugs involved have since gotten away with their little pantomime of “poll-watching.” The charges against them were dropped.

One of the two, calling himself “King Shamir Shabaz,” a Black Panther leader, has since been caught on video proclaiming his intent to murder whites: “I hate white people. All of them. Every last iota of a cracker, I hate him.” He went on to say, “You want freedom, you gonna have to kill some crackers. You gonna have to kill some of they [sic] babies.”

It’s worthwhile, as the election approaches, to revisit a previous Technocracy column, “No, the 2 parties are not the same.” That column, which compares the party platforms of the GOP and the Democrats, reads in part, “The Republican Party says, ‘Preventing voting fraud is a civil rights issue. We support the right of states to require an official government-issued photo identification for voting and call upon the Department of Justice to deploy its resources to prevent ballot tampering in the November elections.’ The Democrats say, ‘[We] oppose laws that require identification in order to vote or register to vote.'”

Did you know that eight of the September 11 hijackers were registered to vote in the United States? In 1993, Bill Clinton signed the “Motor Voter” law, requiring states to let anyone who gets a driver’s license also register to vote. It was thanks to this law that these Islamist murderers also became registered voters in America. Raise your hand if you think any of them ever voted Republican. Anyone?

This fact did not get nearly enough play among “mainstream” media sources. Most Americans are unaware of it. But now that you know it, does it draw in stark contrast the positions of the Democrats and the Republicans when it comes to voter registration, amnesty for illegal aliens, benefits for illegal aliens and measures to prevent vote fraud?

Did you know, also, that convicted felons overwhelmingly vote Democrat? That’s right. There exists a movement to give the vote back to “disenfranchised” felons on the grounds that denying felons the vote takes a disproportionate number of votes from Democratic candidates.

Who wants to give votes to those who are not citizens? Democrats. Who wants to give votes to terrorists? Democrats. Who wants to give votes to other violent criminals? Democrats. Who wants to ensure that dead people, imaginary people and people who have already voted will be able to vote early and vote often for their favorite Democratic politician? Democrats. Who wants to suppress opposition votes through physical force? Democrats. Who refuses to prosecute violent racists who plot the murder of all whose skin color is lighter than theirs? Democrats (in this case, one Democrat – Eric Holder). Which party benefits when armed thugs stand outside a polling place and try to chase away law-abiding citizens? Democrats.

The evidence is overwhelming. The lessons of history cannot be ignored. The letter and the explicit intent of their party’s platform tells you precisely what you need to know about their approach to “free” elections: The Democrats are the party of vote fraud. They are the party of voter suppression. They are the party of election theft. They are the party of force. You will vote as they wish you to vote, or they will riot. They will beat you. They will murder you, your candidate and your “white babies.” We know they will do this, not because we have guessed as much, not because we have inferred it, but because they have told us so in exactly these words.

Democrats once held their tongues rather than voice the hatred in their black hearts. Now, brazen in their evil, knowing that no consequences await them, they are completely free to speak and act as their desires command.

Go vote next week. Have courage. Stand tall. Face down the Democratoc thugs. Stand up to their hate. Protect yourself as best you can.

Vote for Romney. Vote against Obama. Save America from his party.

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