A well-known Bible-code researcher has bad news for Barack Obama, as he claims hidden texts in the Holy Bible indicate Mitt Romney will be America’s next president.

Moshe Aharon Shak, an orthodox Jew and author of “Bible Codes Breakthrough,” has produced a series of videos on YouTube with his modern analysis of Scripture.

For those not familiar with Bible codes, they are said to be secret messages embedded in the Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament.

Those who claim the codes’ validity say they disclose information about both the past, as well as the future.

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The messages are decoded when a computer is used to search in a certain pattern, such as every fourth or fifth Hebrew letter within a given matrix.

“The matrix is found in Deuteronomy Chapter 28, verses 13 and 14,” says Shak, a mechanical engineer from Montreal, Canada. “There we find his first name, last name, day and month of birth, and the term ‘president.’ Fifteen terms consisting of 85 letters are found telling a fascinating story.”

Shak says the Hebrew code goes beyond merely stating that Romney will be president, but also describes the kind of leader he’ll be.

“The codes are telling us: a fitting president,” he explains, adding that Romney’s name is associated with the phrase, “the man (is) for Him,” referring to the Master of the universe.

“I suppose that means that he (Romney) will follow His (God’s) ways,” said Shak. “But the term goes both ways. It also means that the Master of the universe will be for him, for Romney.”

The BibleCodesDigest website has looked at Shak’s videos, and says, “Although he claims that the search is done by established methodology guided by scientific principles, there are two critical caveats that must be understood.”

The first is that interpretation of the codes can be faulty, and the second is that undiscovered codes can shed more light on the intent of a matrix.

“In contrast to Shak’s beliefs, BCD believes that codes present well-known viewpoints, which may or may not be true,” the site continues.

“For example, a code such as Romney will be president could be either (1) a fact or (2) an opinion about what may happen. If codes only present facts, then they can be used to make predictions. However, if codes can be either a fact or an opinion, they cannot be used to make reliable predictions.

“In that case, the purpose of codes is to serve as evidence that the Bible was written by an intelligence that knew the future when the Bible was written. However, the future could consist either of the belief of many (before the election) that Romney will be president or that he will serve as president.”

One person interested in Shak’s conclusion asked on YouTube: “The only concern I have is the use of the name ‘Mitt.’ His real name is Willard and I wonder if that would change what the codes revealed.”

“How is ‘he’ known? How do ‘they’ refer to him?” responded Shak. “How many people would complete the name: Willard … as opposed to Mitt … with the last name Romney. This is one of many important factors.”

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