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'Dreams' Obama film 'driving the liberal media crazy'

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert’s effort to ship 7 million copies of his controversial documentary “Dreams from My Real Father” to presidential election swing states has prompted a strong reaction from establishment media, which generally have dismissed the film as a hack job on the president.

But Gilbert insists he’s getting the response he desired as more and more American citizens are able to watch the film and judge for themselves.

“It’s driving the liberal media crazy,” he told WND.

“They can no longer ignore millions of people demanding answers as to why they are not covering Obama’s hidden personal background and real political foundations,” he said.

Gilbert charged that establishment media “is now going after me and the film, desperately trying to cover both for Obama and their incompetence and complicity in not looking into Obama’s background in 2008, and again in 2012.”

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Comments on the film have come from the New York Times, Media Matters, Slate, MSNBC and even BarackObama.com, the president’s official campaign website.

Gilbert said that despite granting full interviews, the reports these outlets have produced largely ignore the content of the film, focusing on his film production and his source of funding.

“They refuse to compare ‘Dreams from My Real Father’ to Obama’s autobiography, “Dreams from My Father,” which I, along with other researchers, have established is largely a fairy tale.”

Gilbert noted that he challenged journalists in a speech at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on July 19 with a reading from the “The Journalist Creed,” a code of ethics for reporters.

The creed requires journalists to be unbiased public trustees, accurate and fair, and maintain a single standard of truth.

“Unfortunately, I have experienced first hand what we all knew – the media has collapsed as a public watchdog, and only propagates misinformation,” he said.

“How is this different than Pravda’s reporting in Soviet Russia?” he asked.

Gilbert contends he’s “done the job the liberal media would not do – investigate Obama’s claims of a Kenyan goat herder father and a non-partisan ideology.”

His film presents evidence Obama’s biological and ideological father was Communist Party USA propagandist Frank Marshall Davis, not the Kenyan student Barack Obama.

The film is Amazon.com’s No. 1 documentary and also is available for streaming on Netflix.

Barack Obama’s official website issued a response to Gilbert’s film Tuesday, charging it “peddles ridiculous conspiracy theories about President Obama.”

Gilbert told WND the campaign website falsely claimed Ann Dunham, the president’s mother, was only 15 years old in the nude photos, “copying a liberal blogger’s factually flawed attack on the film.”

The campaign website didn’t address the film’s main argument.

“They did not mention Frank Marshall Davis, nor deny that Davis is Obama’s real father,” Gilbert told WND.

Gilbert noted, as WND reported, an email sent by BarackObama.com to campaign subscribers stated “Obama’s father taught him to love Jazz music.”

Davis, who mentored Obama from ages 10 to 18, was a jazz expert, while the Kenyan met Obama only once in a brief trip to Hawaii.

Media Matters, a left-wing media monitor known to coordinate with the White House, interviewed Gilbert this week.

Gilbert doubts the Media Matters reporter actually saw “Dreams from My Real Father,” despite his claim, as he falsely reported that the only evidence the film presents is that Davis and Obama “closely resemble one another.”

The film chronicles Obama’s entire childhood and life history, documenting the intimate relationship between Obama’s mother and Davis along with Davis’s significant role in raising Obama.

“My film contains dates, photos, documents and a timeline of events that all fit together cohesively,” Gilbert told WND. “’Dreams from My Real Father’ is 90-percent proven fact, and the 10 percent that is not proven consists of logical conclusions bridged together by known facts.”

Media Matters called the film “full of conjecture, leaps of logic, misdirection, and implausibility.”

Gilbert fired back, asserting “these words describe Obama’s ‘Dreams’ autobiography, not my work.”

Gilbert granted an extensive interview and provided a DVD to The Daily Beast at the request of reporter Michelle Goldberg.

“I was amazed that in her article she had the audacity to call the president’s mother a ‘whore,'” Gilbert said.

Gilbert said he presented to the reporter personal photos of Obama’s mother at Frank Marshall Davis’ house to establish the possibility of an intimate relationship.

“The photos are covered up with black bars to be respectful,” Gilbert said. “I respect the right of women to choose to pose for personal photos, I would not judge someone in a sexist way as Michelle Goldberg has done in the Daily Beast.”

Gilbert charged “it is Michelle Goldberg who prostituted herself as a shill for the Obama campaign.”

He pointed out Goldberg is married to an Obama-Biden campaign employee.

“She should disclose this in all her reporting, not doing so is dishonest,” he said. “Is she is looking for a gig with the Obama administration if he wins?”

New York Times correspondent Jeremy Peters published a story on Gilbert’s film titled “Strident Anti-Obama Messages Flood Key States.”

Gilbert said he granted an interview with Peters only after the reporter agreed to “engage in honest reporting.”

But Peters, Gilbert charged, “intentionally employed disinformation to manipulate the opinions of his readership, rather then letting them decide for themselves.”

“He compared the evidence in ‘Dreams’ to my two fictional rock and roll comedies, rather than my two recent political documentaries, ‘Farewell Israel’ and ‘Atomic Jihad,'” Gilbert said.

Peters contended the film’s claim that Davis is Obama’s father was “implausible.”

Gilbert counters that it’s Obama’s claim that the Kenyan Barack Obama is his father that is implausible.

He pointed to Obama’s recent speech and a tweet in which he said he was “born to a single mother.”

See Gilbert’s presentation at the National Press Club:

After requesting a DVD from Gilbert, which was provided via FedEx, David Weigel of Slate Magazine published a series of articles on “Dreams from My Real Father.”

His first one was “Birtherism and Frank Marshall Davis in Wisconsin.”

Yet Gilbert says Weigel continues to email him saying he still hasn’t seen the DVD but will do so soon.

“In the meantime, he keeps cranking out articles condemning my film,” Gilbert said.

“If Weigel had taken the time, he would have known that the film is not ‘birtherism.’ That is only a smear term anyway, created by the left to castigate researchers who simply asked questions about Obama’s birthplace,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert’s film, in fact, argues that Obama was born in the U.S. to an American mother and an American father, not to a Kenyan father.

David Marannis, the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and author of the Obama biography “The Story,” told the Orlando Sentinel that Gilbert’s film was “preposterous,” adding its “depressing to have so much fictional, unreported, conspiratorial, unhistorical stuff floating around.”

Gilbert insists, however, that the author’s book on Obama confirms findings in “Dreams from My Real Father.”

Marannis, for example, interviewed the Kenyan Obama’s University of Hawaii classmates, and none of them had ever heard of Ann Dunham or the baby, Barack Obama.

The author also confirms Obama’s mother went to Seattle when Obama was just three weeks old and that there was no Obama family as the president alleged in his book.

“Obama himself debunked his entire narrative only three weeks ago on the campaign trail and in a tweet when he said, ‘I was born to a single mother in Hawaii,'” Gilbert noted.

“The Ed Show” on MSNBC ran two stories last week.

In the first one, host Ed Shultz declared the “Dreams from My Real Father” DVD mailings in Ohio were part of a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

In another segment, Schultz asked former Ohio Gov. Rob Strickland about the Ohio distribution.

Strickland called it “a dirty trick.”

Gilbert replied, “Obama’s publication of ‘Dreams from My Father’ and his basing his political career on a fabricated personal background and hidden political foundation was a dirty trick on the American people.”

“Dreams From My Real Father” has been on Netflix streaming for the past three weeks, which has a subscriber base of 27 million homes.

Gilbert said the Netflix outlet is “becoming Obama’s worst nightmare, because Americans are now learning about Obama’s real father, communist propagandist and suspected Soviet agent Frank Marshall Davis.”

“Obama should come clean and tell the American public he lied about the goat herder father in order to obscure his political foundation in Marxism,” he said.

Gilbert explained that his distribution company purchased the complete email list of all Netflix streaming subscribers in 20 states. He sent an email blast to millions of households, alerting them that the film was available immediately on their Netflix streaming service.