MINNEAPOLIS – Bestselling author Jonathan Cahn told 3,000 people gathered for the “Understanding the Times” conference in suburban Minneapolis that it’s time to “get radical for God.”

Cahn told the crowd that he has recently heard from a “prominent United States congressman” that there is “a definite stirring in Washington, D.C.” because of his recent revelations about ancient prophecy.

“I was told that members of Congress are reading my book, and that they are taking it to heart,” he told WND in an interview.

The author of “The Harbinger” book, and the inspiration behind “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” the bestselling Christian book of 2012 and the bestselling faith movie of the year, received a standing ovation from an enthusiastic crowd eager to hear his views on the world conditions that prompted him to write about a 2,500-year-old prophecy that parallels conditions in America since 9/11.

“The answer for America doesn’t lie in an election,” he told the crowd. “The answer for America is God, Yeshua, Jesus.”

The crowd rose to their feet when he urged people to “get real” for God, and “prepare the way for the Lord” like the Bible tells believers to do.

Cahn flew to Minneapolis to take part in the “Understanding the Times” conference hosted by Olive Tree Ministries. The annual conference features speakers who give a biblical perspective to current events.

The applause of the crowd began in earnest when an energized Cahn began reminding believers that the world conditions wouldn’t “be as dark, if we shined a little brighter,” and that if believers truly lived like “salt” he said, “the world wouldn’t be as decayed as it is.”

It grew even louder as he urged Christians to find strength and to fear nothing.

“It’s time to be bold,” he said. “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world,” he quoted from scripture.

Cahn sat down with WND prior to his speaking engagement and provided more background information for the work he has done with the prophecy in Isaiah.

“The Harbinger” points out similarities between ancient Israel and modern America in regards to the inevitable judgment for turning away from God.

He says that Israel had fallen for false gods, and looked like the nations around them. “They called good evil, and evil good,” he said.

Cahn is shouting for anyone to hear, that true repentance is the only way to avoid judgment from God.

“America was dedicated to God, as the official act of the newly formed government,” Cahn said.

Where did this occur?

Exactly at Ground Zero, at St. Paul’s Chapel. The only building next to the World Trade Center that was protected from major damage on 9/11. “Even the media called it the ‘miracle’ church at the time,” Cahn said.

The thesis of his book and the movie is that America looks an awful lot like Israel did 2,500 years ago.

The warnings from God to turn back to him went unheeded then, and Cahn is worried that Americans are acting much like Israel did in Isaiah’s time. f that is the case, Cahn expects judgment will continue without true repentance.

Cahn told WND that on a recent tour of St. Paul’s Chapel, he was shocked to see the “Tree of Hope” wilting away.

“It’s dying,” he said. “Several rows of bushes right next to the tree are dying too”.

vThe significance of this particular tree can be found in his book and “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” but fall directly in line with the prophecy that he writes about, right down to the species of tree.

“To see it dying, and being propped up with cords was a shock,” Cahn said. “Someone from the chapel told me that they are trying unsuccessfully to save it.”

“Everything else around the tree was as green as can be,” he said. “It really makes you think about Isaiah’s warnings.”

Cahn told WND that he sees America’s crown as a light to the nations is being lost.

He expects that without the true turning to the One true God, America will get progressively worse, including fires, division, “maybe even another terrorist attack”, all forms of judgment when God removes His hand of protection from a nation.

His message was not lost on the “Understanding the Times” crowd, which seemed to take it all in with eager ears. The crowd would even let loose with a cheer here and there during Cahn’s closing prayer. Especially as he prayed for the nation, and its leaders.

If the group was searching for a miracle, they certainly got a glimpse of one with Cahn detailing his adventure in writing about the prophecy.

“I’d never written a book in my life,” he explained. “But, this was a message that God placed on my heart.”

He says that he sat down in front of his computer and the words just flowed out. “The book was done in no time,” he said.

Then he said he was lost, not knowing what to do with it once it was written.

“I was sitting in an airport in Charlotte waiting for a connecting flight,” he explained.

“I had my head bowed in prayer, and was telling God that the book was written, and now it was up to God to get the message into peoples hands.”

“I finished praying and looked up, and a man sat down and struck up a conversation.”

Cahn says that within minutes the man said that God told him to speak to Cahn about Cahn writing a book, and that a good friend of the man was a Christian book publisher. The publisher called Cahn that same day.

“I prayed to God that He needed to get this book published, and He answered that very prayer within minutes,” he told WND.

The message has gotten out, and continues to reach readers and viewers far and wide. The book has been near the top of the New York Times Bestsellers List since January. In addition, “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” documentary has been the No. 1 faith movie for 28 straight weeks.

After speaking with the crowd near Minneapolis, Cahn left for his home near New York City, but not before letting the crowd know one more time how vital it is for believers to be salt and light in the world. He also praised the work of Olive Tree Ministries for helping to inform people of the times we live in.

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