We’ve all done it. Each and every one of us at some point has made a decision devoid of logic and rational thought. We fail to weigh all of the facts, study each angle and contemplate the realistic and likely outcome that will result based on those facts as they are presented, compared with the choices that lay before us.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, when it comes to choosing a specific path human beings consider much more than cold hard fact. We are not computers to input statistics and spit out the same rational conclusion with precise consistency. As we all know and deal with on an almost daily basis, the human thought process – particularly when the need to make important, complex decisions exists – takes much more into account than baseline facts.

The human psyche generally and most times unintentionally must consider feelings, emotions, current circumstances and “gut” instincts when determining heads or tails as it relates to an important pending choice. Most times these intangible sources that affect our ability to decide are simply and collectively referred to as “heart.” When cold truths and logic tell us to go right, occasionally our hearts override, and a left turn is made – sometimes for the better, more often than not, however, to our detriment, leaving us weeks, months or possibly years later reminding ourselves what case blatant logic had presented.

When looking at and reviewing the factual evidence that existed within the 2008 presidential election process, it comes as an obvious fact that the American people chose with their “heart” much more so than logical calculation. Never in the decision-making process of something so crucial as the selection of the free world’s next leader has someone so under-qualified received such overwhelming support. In every area one should deem vital in performing perhaps the world’s most consequential job, Barack Obama left much that was unknown and even more to be desired.

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Looking back at the facts that were/are undeniable regarding now-President Obama’s pre-presidential life, nothing leading up to the election of 2008 would have given anyone the reality on which to base an argument as to why Barack Obama was up to the task of fixing the problems that existed within the world’s largest economy, managing the most powerful military ever known to man or successfully dealing with a host of other concerns that were and in most cases still are of great importance to many in our society. To formulate a decision based solely on the grounds of fundamental logic would have told anyone that an individual who possessed no academic legacy, had authored no significant piece of legislation at the state or federal level, functioned at the rudimentary task of “community organizer” in his not-too-distant past, while having strong ties to known terrorists such as Bill Ayers and America-hating characters such as Jeremiah Wright, could not aptly perform the duties that would be demanded.

Yet, while considering the many facts that should have made this man an almost laughable candidate, against all logic he was elected our 44th president. So why, or more importantly how, has a man who has draped himself in mediocrity his entire existence risen perhaps to the pinnacle of mankind?

Undoubtedly, that question cannot be answered in a few words, as there are many, many contributing factors. Be that as it may, however, there is one dynamic that stands out among the rest. Barack Obama did not and most likely has never appealed to one’s logical senses. Had that been the case, his political career would most likely have begun and ended within the ranks of community organizer.

Barack Obama appeals to the heart, to the emotions and to the feelings of the individual. Logic be damned as he orates words penned by others of inspirational concepts such as hope and change. Words spoken in a soothing voice behind a charismatic smile, while possessing more pigment in his skin than past presidents, Obama appealed to the psyche of the American and not the common sense. Just as the successful con man cleverly dupes his victims through similar tactics despite their better judgment, Obama made it seem sensible to ignore the basic logic that if something looks too good to be true, then it probably is. But so goes the strategy of those who are long on charisma and short on substance.

Fortunately for We the People, however, on the horizon is a rarely gotten opportunity to cure our buyer’s remorse. In just three short weeks, a chance will appear to amend the poorly selected heart-derived decision of four years ago. Hopefully, lessons have been learned and an understanding has been grasped regarding the manner in which we as individuals bear our responsibility to elect the leader of the free world. This task should not be taken lightly or dependent upon feelings of emotion or whim. This country has endured $6 trillion in additional debt during this man’s tenure. One in six Americans lives in poverty, while 45 million depend on food stamps. Nearly 14 percent of our citizens are unemployed or under-employed. And in addition, this supposedly transparent administration has been plagued with foreign-policy gaffes and alleged conspiracies such as the Benghazi massacre and Fast and Furious, while shoving 135 executive orders down the throat of democracy.

While I only offer an extremely brief account of this administration’s gross inability, much more should not be necessary to convince We the People that a more logical approach to our vote must be adopted this year. The facts are the facts are the facts, proving that we cannot suffer four more years brought about by an emotional impulse.

Quote of the week: “What chance gathers she easily scatters. A great person attracts great people and then knows how to hold them together.” Alexandre Ledru-Rollin

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