Joel Gilbert, director and writer of “Dreams from My Real Father,” says the documentary now is available on the Netflix streaming service, giving another 27 million households across America access.

“Netflix is now Obama’s worst nightmare, because millions of Americans will instantly learn about Barack Obama’s real family history and his hidden political agenda,” said Gilbert.

The film presents evidence Communist Party activist and pornographer Frank Marshall Davis was Obama’s biological as well as ideological father.

Gilbert said he gets hundreds of emails per day from viewers who are shocked to learn that so much about the president’s background and political foundation is hidden by establishment media.

“Folks are outraged once they see my film. I hear it again and again, ‘Good people don’t like it when they’ve been lied to,'” he said.

The more than 27 million households that subscribe to the Netflix streaming service can access the film as part of a monthly subscription.

According to a recent Consumer Reports study cited by ABC News, Netflix’s popularity has surpassed all broadcast and cable networks, as households that have Netflix spent more time on that service than any particular network.

Gilbert said “Dreams from My Real Father” is also a big hit on Amazon Instant video, and the DVD is selling well, being the No. 1 documentary on Amazon for the past two months.

Gilbert said Obama falsely “sold himself to America as the multicultural ideal, a man who stood above politics.”

“As a result, many Americans perceived Obama as a nice man with an inspiring family story,” he said. “In fact, President Obama intentionally hid a deeply disturbing family background in order to obscure his Marxist political foundation. While voters will overlook some fudging by politicians, promoting a false family background to hide an agenda irreconcilable with American values is an unacceptable manipulation of the electorate.”

Obama, Gilbert says, is a “Red Diaper Baby,” like adviser David Axelrod, as both had parents who were Communist Party USA members.

“This is a known phenomenon in the radical left,” Gilbert said, as many of the leaders of the SDS and Weather Underground Marxist terrorist groups were children of Communist Party USA members, including Katherine Boudin and Jeff Jones.

Gilbert says that Obama’s new campaign theme, “helping middle class families,” is merely a ruse.

“To Obama, the middle class are merely pawns. Socialist economies don’t have a middle class! They have just one big lower class with a handful of political elites controlling the wealth,” he said.

Gilbert said Obama’s plans for his next term are to “give away middle class health care to the poor and illegals, and to tax and regulate their employers out of business.”

“Then, middle America’s retirement will evaporate into a bankrupt socialist state, and the middle class will disappear,” he said. “America will be irreversibly socialist without ever realizing how it happened.”

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