Now just being a Muslim apparently isn’t good enough for some radicals. A statement issued by a jihadist group in Pakistan labels non-jihadist Muslims as “kafirs” and calls for non-jihadi Muslims to be killed.

The report released on Islam Watch says that non-jihadi Muslims are not following the path of the Prophet Muhammad and should be treated the same as infidels.

Atlas Shrugs publisher and jihad analyst Pamela Geller confirms that the claims in both presentations are correct.

“The Quran quotes are authentic. It has always been true that non-jihadi Muslims have been challenged as not Muslim enough by jihadis,” Geller said.

Center for the Study of Political Islam Executive Director Bill Warner has done research into the issue and confirms that jihadi Muslims have a record of targeting Muslims they believe aren’t practicing true Islam.

Warner’s research shows that from 2002 through 2011, the number of Muslim on Muslim attacks has gone from a few hundred per year to over 1,500 per year.

“There has always been the jihad of purification, to act on Muslims who aren’t following their doctrine well,” Warner said.

“However, we have to understand that the Quran speaks of the fact that one Muslim may not call another Muslim a kafir, so in order to kill them they must find their Islam lacking,” Warner said.

“So if your Islam is weak you can be killed, however, the Quran calls them hypocrites because Muslims aren’t supposed to call other Muslims kafirs,” Warner said.

Warner explains that Islam covers both sides of every issue.

“You have to understand that within Islam there’s always a yes and always a no. There are always two answers to every question. What is jihad? It’s the inner struggle. What is jihad? Oh, it’s killing kafirs,” Warner said.

“I don’t know of anything where there’s simply a single answer,” Warner said. “There’s always a way to do anything you want to do in Islam.”

“Muslims kill each other all the time. What do you think is happening in Syria right now?” Warner said.

Jihad Watch publisher and Islam analyst Robert Spencer says it is indicative of Islamic teaching.

“I haven’t previously seen an outright call for ‘moderates’ to be killed, but it is consistent with jihadists’ claims to represent Islamic authenticity and to embody the true teachings of the Quran and Sunnah,” Spencer said.

“In Islamic theology heretics and apostates are indeed to be killed, and jihadists regard ‘moderates’ in that camp,” Spencer said.

While Middle East Forum Executive Director Daniel Pipes says he has no reason to doubt that the Pakistan jihadis believe their report, he doubts that this is mainstream Islam.

“This tells us a lot about Islamism, which grows out of Islam but takes its injunctions to an extreme,” Pipes said.

Spencer says that violence is an integral part of Islamic teaching.

“It tells us – yet again – that Islam teaches warfare against and subjugation of unbelievers, and that it enforces its orthodoxy at the point of a sword,” Spencer said.

“The jihadis have always made recruits and justified their terrorism by pointing to Islam’s traditional texts and teachings,” Spencer said.

“The moderates are in reality either non-devout or non-knowledgeable about traditional Islamic teachings,” Spencer said. “There is no significant moderate movement within Islamic theology.”

Geller agrees that warfare is an integral part of Islamic doctrine.

“Yes, it tells us that Islam teaches hatred and warfare, unlike other religions,” Geller said.

Geller adds that this report proves that jihadi Muslims are definitely in charge of the global Islamic movement.

“It shows that what we hear from Muslims in the U.S. is taqiyya and lies. In reality, the true path Muslims have the Quran on their side. And American Muslim leaders who talk peace and tolerance know it,” Geller said.

Pipes, though, disputes the idea that jihadis are the dominant force in Islam.

“Islamists are dominant in many places but there are increasing signs of discontent with them,” Pipes said.

Geller agrees with Spencer that full jihadi teaching is dominant, and that jihadi teaching will eventually be the norm in American mosques.

“Anyone who wants to be a true and devout Muslim will be drawn toward jihad activity. This will happen here, and affect our national security by means of terror attacks, infiltration, and more,” Geller said.

Warner goes one step farther and says that violence is an integral part of what he calls true Islam.

“When Muhammad died, what did his successors do? Did they go out and preach the Quran? No, they took up their swords and went all over North Africa and the Middle East whacking Christians,” Warner said.

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