Regardless of how the first presidential debate affects the election on Nov. 6, I will always remember it not so much for Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s improved performance, but rather the demeanor of the “Muslim in chief,” Barack Hussein Obama.

As even conceded by leftist pundits like MSNBC’s Chris Mathews and CNN’s James Carville (formerly the top Clinton political adviser with whom I locked horns on many occasions in the late 1990s), Obama’s facial expressions during the debate looked not only pained, but as if he felt like fleeing the room. It was not just Obama’s peering away from Romney during the debate that caught our attention, but his evil, forced grimaces and body language that looked akin to a demon having just been shown the cross during a priestly exorcism. While Romney, to his credit a religious man, was not exactly spewing Jesus’ gospel during this encounter, he was exposing the truth – namely that, however dangerous to the nation, the “Muslim in chief” is a two-bit, socialist political hack who cares more about the status and perks of being president than actually doing the job of president.

And while Romney did not have the guts to say it (although even Obama-supporter Madonna did a week or so back), the bottom line is that Obama is a Farrakhan-like black Muslim, whose allegiances and actions have demonstrated that he does not represent “We the People,” but only “his people” – that is, when he does anything as president at all. This is increasingly rare these pre-election days, given his having checked out of any official activity like meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the recent U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York City over the Iranian nuclear crisis and other abdications of his office – much less protecting our embassy and our now dead ambassador in Libya.

In short, when confronted with a biblical white light of truth about his performance in office, as if a Christian cross were thrust into his face, the Obama simply freaked out! The devil would have been proud!

But gloating about Obama’s debate performance is not enough, as he, like the devil, is resourceful and will attempt to rebound! God knows that the only way to deal with the devil is through strength. If you let him get up off the floor and have his way, he moves on to even greater evil deeds that will destroy our country, which is part of God’s kingdom.

And that is why it is time to hold Obama accountable for his evil deeds, and to remove him legally from the body politic of this nation. As it still remains a long shot that elections will rid the nation of Obama – and as my good friend, Alan Keyes, eloquently wrote in a WND column recently, the liberal-minded Romney is not the political messiah, either. We must use whatever legal means are at our disposal to send the anti-Christian and anti-Semitic Obama back to the hell of Chicago politics from whence he came.

On Oct. 31, 2012, and thereafter, we will empanel a citizens’ grand jury in Ocala, Fla., and seek Obama’s indictment for high crimes and misdemeanors against the American people. Here is a list of just a few of his legal crimes against “We the People”:

  1. Treasonous release of classified national security information disclosing the nation’s and Israel’s sources and methods of our intelligence agents, and military capabilities in fighting a war with Islamic Iran over its nuclear facilities;
  2. Treasonous filing of a complaint before the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations against the State of Arizona over its law to curb illegal immigration;
  3. Treasonous actions to undermine and overthrow the pro-American and pro-Israeli governments in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East, while sending U.S. foreign aid to Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.
  4. Treasonous release of classified information concerning the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden and, in particular, that SEAL Team Six was responsible. This illegal disclosure later lead to the deaths of 22 SEALs, whose helicopter was shot down by Islamic extremists in Afghanistan.
  5. Treasonous support, financed by U.S. taxpayers, for the Ground Zero mosque in New York City.
  6. Treasonous taking of campaign and other monies from foreign interests adverse to the United States, including but not limited to Iran. (As just one example recently, one of Obama’s top White House advisers was caught taking a $100,000 speaking fee from a company that is in a joint venture with a firm, Irancell, which is owned and operated by Iran’s equivalent of Hitler’s Nazi SS, its Revolutionary Guard. Irancell, the Iranian cellular provider, intercepts messages from Iranian freedom fighters and dissidents and then turns them in to Islamic government authorities, whereby the freedom fighters and dissidents are then imprisoned, tortured and eventually executed.)
  7. Falsifying birth records to fraudulently get Obama’s name printed on state presidential ballots, when he is not even eligible to run for the office of the president under the U.S. Constitution since he is not a natural born citizen born in the United States to two citizen parents at the time of birth.
  8. Other high crimes and misdemeanors (Feel free to contact me with your suggestions or go to and

So while it was satisfying to see Obama squirm during the first presidential debate when shown the white light of Christian truth, We the People cannot rest and must use our God-given rights to enforce the Constitution by using the citizens grand jury to indict, and then try and convict the “Muslim in chief.” And, while Obama is not the only corrupt politician and legal officer who is destroying our nation – and there are even Republicans like Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and others who must be held accountable, too – we are compelled to start with this worst example of “devilish whoredom” as just a first step to preserve our freedoms and save our beloved nation from the depths of governmental hell.

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