Obama family busted in Shariah scheme

By Jerome R. Corsi

Barack Obama with “Mama Sarah,” his step-grandmother

Since his inauguration, President Obama’s family in Kenya has been on a mission to use the Obama name to transform Kenya from the nation’s current Christian majority to an Islamic majority that will spread Islamic law, or Shariah, through the country.

Arab researchers Walid and Theodore Shoebat have documented the claims in a special report that translates an explosive television interview never before seen in the West.

In the interview, Musa Ismail Obama, President Obama’s first cousin in Kenya, told the Arabic-language satellite TV network Al-Jazeera that the Saudi Arabian royal family has developed a strong relationship with the Obama family in their home village of Kogelo in Alego, Siaya District, West Kenya.

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Musa took pains to explain the need to proselytize Islam in Kenya, which is in line with the desire of wealthy Saudis to transform Kenya into a majority Muslim country.

Walid Shoebat pointed out that an article in the Arabic-language newspaper Al-Arab acknowledged the importance of the Obama name to the efforts of the Kenya family to expand the position of Islam in the country. Shoebat noted the article describes President Obama as a Muslim, referring to “President Obama’s Islamic faith.”

See the interview in three parts:




“After President Obama was inaugurated, the Muslim side of the Obama family in Kenya boomed, and it went from rags to riches overnight,” the Shoebats write in their report. “They became one of the most influential families in western Kenya and even extended their fundraising empire to Saudi Arabia.”

Musa, in the TV interview, said the Saudi royal family invited him and Sarah Obama to be their personal guests to the Hajj, the obligatory Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca. They were given with red-carpet treatment at the Saudi royal court, complete with a special security escort.

President Obama bows to Saudi King Abdullah at a G-20 summit in 2009

In partnership with the Saudi royal family, the Obama family in Kenya has devised a plan to follow President Obama’s call for education in the United States with a project to expand education in Kenya, with the special twist of expanding Islam in the African nation and establishing Islamic law.

To achieve the aim, Sarah Obama started the Sarah Obama Benevolent Fund Institute, otherwise known as the Mama Sarah Obama Children Foundation.

The foundation raises 90 percent of its funds from donors in the United States and Europe, solicited as humanitarian aid for orphans and underprivileged children, including children affected by HIV/AIDS.

The Shoebats note, however, that in the “shocking interview,” Musa Ismail Obama disclosed “all the troublesome detail that typically gets hidden in an English translation.”

The bulk of the Sarah Fund, as it turns out, goes not to widows and orphans but to provide scholarships to study Shariah at the most influential Wahhabist centers in Saudi Arabia.”

“It’s all a jihadi Kenyan scam,” commented Walid Shoebat. “And it’s not as though President Obama is unaware of his Kenyan family workings, since Musa on Al-Jazeera disclosed that President Obama’s favorite uncle, Sayid Hussein Obama, was selected by Obama and by the family in Kenya to act as the main conduit in relaying the family’s activities to the White House.”

Sayid accompanied Sarah to Washington, D.C., in January 2009, to attend Barack Obama’s inauguration.

Grandmother Sarah Obama travels to attend Barack Obama’s inauguration

“Musa, Sayid’s sidekick, has become the public promoter of Mama Sarah’s non-profit and the family’s key advertiser to the social efforts in Kenya,” Walid explained. “Musa carefully selects specific Arab media on which to appear, seeking venues where he can ask wealthy Islamic audiences for financial assistance.”

As a precondition of granting interviews, Musa insists that no questions will be asked regarding any details of family communications with President Obama and that discussions of political views will be off limits.

“Musa tells just enough to connect the dots to the wealthy Arab audience of Al-Jazeera,” Walid Shoebat continued. “He relays the message to raise all necessary funds, since his mission is to transform Kenya to an Islamic majority by using the Obama household name and his grandmother’s non-profit organization.”

Shoebat emphasized that the Sarah Obama Benevolent Fund has little to do with secular education or the care for widows and orphans, and Musa apparently has never  mentioned anything in any Arabic media in regard to helping the HIV-infected.

Most of the funds go toward Saudi Arabia’s “most virulent Wahhabi Shariah centers,” Shoebat explained, including the Islamic University in Medina, Umm Al-Qura University in Mecca and the University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh.

A credible source, he said, the Gulf Issues Centre For Strategic Studies, a moderate Muslim think-tank that counters Wahhabism, describes the schools as “Salafi schools that imbibe radical ideas” and are “the spring of Wahhabism.”

Shoebat noted President Obama’s Uncle Sayid Hussein Obama is involved with the al-Qaida-affiliated Muslim World League, citing Saudi media.

Shoebat’s translation reads:

“His Excellency Dr. Abdullah bin Abdul Mohsin Al-Turki, Secretary General of the Muslim World League, and a member of the Council of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia in Makkah received on Monday Mr. Saeed Hussein Obama, Kenyan businessman, and uncle of President Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, who paid a visit to the Muslim World League, accompanied by a number of Kenyan graduates from Saudi universities.”

Shoebat explained that several Muslim World League employees have worked with al-Qaida. He said Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida gained material support and sponsorship, along with protective cover, from Muslim World League offices around the world.

In the Al-Jazeera interview, Musa explained how the Obamas even send recruits to Umm Al Qura University in Mecca.

“I studied Arabic and Shariah at the Islamic university in Medina in Saudi Arabia,” Musa told Al-Jazeera, while relating how he visited Umm Al Qura University with his uncle Sayid.

“We also in the month of Muharram visited the dean of Umm Al Qura University, me and my uncle Sayid. The nature of the visit was to facilitate scholarships to send students from Kenya to Umm Al Qura.”

The Shoebats explained Umm Al Qura University is “a paragon in Wahhabist education.” The university takes pride, they said, “in being the first to print the works of Muhammad Abdul Wahhab, the founder of the most virulent brand of Islam.”

Walid provided WND with four photographs taken at Umm Al Qura University showing Sayid Obama and Musa Ismail Obama visiting various university officials.

Sayid Obama on right standing with Musa Ismail Obama at Umm Al Qura University
On right, director of Umm Al-Qura University, Bakri bin Ma’touk A’sas; on couch Musa Ismail Obama (left) and Sayid Obama (right)
Sayid Obama, on left, with Barki bin Ma’touk A’sas
Barki bin Ma’touk A’sas (right to left), Sayid Obama, Musa Ismail Obama

Photographs of meetings of Sayid Obama and Musa Ismail Obama can even be seen at the official website of Umm Al Qura University, which proudly states:

“His Highness the Director of Umm Al-Qura University, Dr. Bakri bin Ma’touk A’sas received at his office in university city at Babidah Mr. Sayid Obama the uncle of His Excellency the President of the United States of America Barack Obama and Mr. Musa Ismail Obama the cousin of U.S. President.”

The Obamas fundraising empire is so successful the excess students have had to be diverted from Saudi Arabia to nearby Doha in Qatar.

“When [the students] submit an application to Sarah Obama Benevolent Fund, they expect to get what they want, but we are flooded,” Musa explained in the Al Jazeera interview.

Learning of the flood of students sent to the Wahhabi universities in Saudi Arabia, the Al-Jazeera interviewer asked, “So you are opening an avenue in other universities?”

Musa said the excess students were sent to nearby Doha, after Musa visited and made the necessary arrangements.

Following up, the Al-Jazeera interviewer asked Musa, “Do all these scholarships involve studying Arabic and Shariah?”

Musa explained, “Some of those do not involve Shariah, like medicine or engineering.”

Al-Jazeera then asked what the majority of students were sent to Qatar to study.

“The majority of course is Shariah schools,” Musa explained, “because my connections in the institutions [in Qatar] is with Shariah schools”


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