The Obama campaign has helped at least one person cast her vote twice in different states, according to a new video released by Project Veritas.

The bulk of the new video centers on the Organizing for America headquarters in Houston, Texas, where an undercover videographer told regional field director Stephanie Caballero she wanted to vote in both Texas and Florida.

The videographer told the Obama campaign worker she was registered to vote in both Texas and Florida and needed help obtaining a Florida absentee ballot so she could cast her vote twice.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe told WND’s Greg Corombos, “This is not a low-level employee. This is the regional President Obama campaign re-election director in Houston, Texas.”

After some initial hesitation, Organizing for America Regional Field Director Stephanie Caballero not only laughed and called the idea “cool,” but she printed out a Florida absentee ballot request form and then advised the woman to play dumb if she gets caught voting in multiple states.

“The director actually gave an out-of-state absentee ballot (request form) and actually encouraged her to lie, encouraged her to say she didn’t know what she was doing when the director makes it pretty evident that she does know that it’s illegal and she wants her not to get caught,” O’Keefe said.  “I think the expectation here is that she just says, ‘No, you can’t do that.  I’m not going to help you with it,’ not go ahead and encourage her to lie about it.”

Later the video shows men in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut approaching Obama campaign workers and specifically asking for multiple voter registration forms so they can vote in two different states. They meet no resistance.

When others pose as Republican businessmen wishing to register, the Obama campaign workers express some reluctance to part with “valuable” registration forms.

“So that was an interesting distinction,” said O’Keefe.  “Say you want to commit fraud, and you get all the forms you want. Say that you just want to vote, and the forms become valuable.”

He told WND this scenario played out in almost every encounter across the nation. O’Keefe has several more videos planned for release in the days to come.

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