The world echoed with the vacuous promises of candidate Barack Obama: “Hope” and “change” were the words, and to hear him at that time, they would solve everything.

Look at us now!

But more importantly, look at him now. “Mr. Cool, Smooth and Sophisticated” – “Mr. I will solve the problems of the world and be the answer to all your prayers” – is showing what he has always been: an angry, shallow, thin-skinned, defensive, name-calling, dirty street-fighter.

He also has no compunction about stretching the truth to invisibility if it serves his political purpose. And oh my, he has political purposes, all self-aggrandizing.

Liar, liar pants on fire – Happy Halloween, Barack. What’s your costume this year?

Maybe Michelle could tear herself away from the garden and the kitchen and get to the sewing room to whip up a costume for her guy.

How about a military uniform?

Go ahead, Barack, pick your favorite service branch. After all, you are the “commander in chief,” and you’ve certainly shown expertise in military command.

Look at our “successes”! As you have told us repeatedly, you ended the war in Iraq. Of course, that scenario was accomplished by George Bush, but you didn’t follow his plan for how many troops should remain, where and for how long.

What that sad country has evolved into is a satellite of Syria and Iran with Christians on the run for their lives and terrorists in charge.

You remember, don’t you, Barack? Countries so small we don’t have to worry about them. You said that, and you are the expert – something you have no hesitation reminding us.

Then again, what exactly have you ever done that qualifies you to reach those conclusions?

You brag that our troops will be out of Afghanistan by a certain date – although, for the life of me, I can’t understand why.

You sent more of our young men and women into that God-forsaken, corrupt, terrorist-infested, duplicitous country so they can be sitting ducks for traitorous, deceptive individuals who’ve turned our bases there into shooting galleries.

Haven’t you noticed, Barack, that almost every week, one or more of our guys are shot – point blank and left dead – simply because they’re us?

I know you’re busy with campaigning and fundraising, but did you notice that last week two more of our finest were gunned down by one of their “partners”?

Did you notice? Do you know their names or anything about the family they left behind? Did you call the family to extend condolences on behalf of the country, or did your staff use the autopen to send them your “official” form letter?

Now, you’re in the midst of a messy situation with our embassy in Cairo taken over by militants and the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, having blamed it all on an obscure video clip.

It must be difficult to deal with the revelations that you, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and others of your top administration officials and media flacks have been peddling lies to the American citizens.

It’s amazing you continue these theatrics while simultaneously campaigning your heart out to try to get their vote.

Media publish leaked e-mails establishing that you and your top administration people knew of the attack on the consulate and denied repeated requests by those on the scene for back-up force and assistance.

Then again, you’ve repeatedly told anyone who would listen that there’s no war on terror, no terrorism, that al-Qaida is essentially toothless and, since Osama bin Laden is dead, there’s no problem.

Tell that to Ambassador Christopher Stevens. He’s dead too and so are three other men, two of them former Navy SEALS, who fought against all odds to try to stop the consulate attack.

Doesn’t that make you feel something? After all, both you and Hillary Clinton referred to Stevens as “Chris” and said he was your friend.

Why would you desert your “friend” at his moment of greatest need?

After all, it was Sept. 11 – a date people in that part of the world celebrate.

Think of it: Now they have two reasons to celebrate that date, and you enabled it. I can hardly wait for next year.

And you consider them our friends? I’d hate to think whom you consider our enemy. But I digress; there is no terrorism, no war and bin Laden is dead.

Sorry, Barack, that brag is wearing thin. Our guys are being picked off like sitting ducks, and the terrorists now advocate kidnapping Westerners.

In case you forgot, Obama, we are Westerners – and so are Americans scattered across the world.

How vulnerable are you to blackmail? That’s what they intend.

You really got on your high horse in the last debate when you told Mitt Romney that any suggestion that you or your administration is deceiving the public is “offensive.”

No, Barack Obama, what you and your people have done is offensive, to say nothing of ruthless, selfish, callous, scandalous and some might even say high-crimes and misdemeanors and treason.

Then there’s Charles Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods, one of the two SEALs killed defending the consulate. He said that at the memorial ceremony for the four victims, Obama was cold and remote, wouldn’t look him in the eye. Woods said shaking Obama’s hand was like touching a dead fish.

More to the point, as Fox News reported, Woods said those who denied requests for help at the consulate are “murderers of my son.”

Heads up, Barack. That includes you.

It won’t enhance your resume, but neither will impeachment or criminal prosecution along with your administration fellow travelers.

One of you lies, the others swear to it and people die.

Why should Americans re-elect you?

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