The Obama administration has a program that distributes funding to Planned Parenthood to indoctrinate children with the abortion industry’s perspective of sexuality, and the industry giant’s workers routinely are given students in public schools for their work.

But parents in the Salem, Ore., school district are infuriated and are fighting back, setting up a website to start building opposition to the program.

The group, called Salem School Watch, explains online, “Planned Parenthood is America’s abortion provider. They derive most of their income from the killing of unborn children. On this basis alone, they should never be given access to our children. Their business model is based on abortion.”

So arises the question of giving the abortion industry leader access to public school children.

“Planned Parenthood gained access to our children by claiming to be interested in reducing teen pregnancy. Yet Planned Parenthood promotes teen sex and promiscuity, which is the direct cause of teen pregnancy. They are not in the business of ‘women’s health’ as they claim. They are in the business of sex, pure and simple. They have even published a ‘Young People’s Guide to Sexual Rights’ which states on page 14 that ‘All young people are entitled to sexual well-being and pleasure,'” the parents say.

“In other words, they don’t believe that parents should have any say, or that your church has the right to teach that children shouldn’t have sex. Rather, Planned Parenthood promotes violating parental rights to raise children according to the values of parents. They are now in our schools.”

The campaigners say their goal is to create enough public concern that school officials no longer will grant the abortion business access to school children.

“We are asking that the word be spread about what is going on. Post on your Facebook page. Email your friends. Talk to your pastor. … We would like every parent, every taxpayer, every community member to contact the school board and the superintendent to voice their opposition to Planned Parenthood’s presence in our schools.”

The group continued, “We need people to show up at school board meetings. … [Be] firm and insistent … Make it a special point to contact the superintendent.”

The parents’ group says the district has refused to give up the abortion advocates when requested to do so through the ordinary complaint process.

“The district initially said Planned Parenthood was not teaching in the school. Then they later admitted that Planned Parenthood was teaching a class in the school,” the parents’ organization said.

Eventually school officials “backed down,” briefly.

Then officials “signed a new contract with Planned Parenthood. … In response to community and parental concerns, the district has actually expanded Planned Parenthood’s access to our children,” the parents say.

According to a report at ChristianNews Northwest, church members and churches in Salem and nearby Keizer are getting involved.

A meeting recently called by Doug Muravez, a parent of two students at North Salem High, drew dozens of people.

“This is an avenue by which Planned Parenthood is inserting themselves into high schools all over the country,” he told CNNW. “It’s very important that we remove Planned Parenthood before it gets firmly entrenched.”

The district said it wanted the money that pays for the program, which comes from a $4 million grant by the Department of Health and Human Services through Planned Parenthood, officials said.

Superintendent Sandy Husk told CNNW that she wanted to have district teachers handle the course, but Planned Parenthood didn’t want that.

Muravez said parents should not expect a quick battle.

“We need to pace ourselves,” he said in the report. “We want to make sure it [opposition] goes on through the [school] year.”

Planned Parent has been a focal point of many controversies in recent years, with a recent report explaining the organization was promoting a program focusing on the meaning of the word “slut.”

It also recently was forced to settle a lawsuit over the fact it performed an abortion on an underage teen but failed to report suspected child rape.

Among dozens of other disputes, it also was the target of a court case in Texas recently where a court ruled the state could cut off funding for abortion businesses.

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