In a campaign disturbingly close to advocacy of child sex, the International Planned Parenthood Foundation, which advocates “sexual rights” for all, has created a “young people’s guide” in conjunction with its official declaration urging recognition of the “evolving capacities” for “sexual pleasure” in all children and young people.

The organization, headquartered in London, has posted online a document titled “Exclaim! Young People’s Guide to ‘Sexual Rights: An IPPF declaration,” which proclaims that “sexual rights” for youth must be guaranteed, so that “all young people around the world [will] be able to explore, experience and express their sexualities in healthy, positive, pleasurable and safe ways.”

Just as controversial, it also advances as a fundamental goal the “removal of parental involvement or spousal consent laws that prevent young people from seeking sexual and reproductive health services.”

Declaring that “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights,” the document adds, “Therefore, all young people should be able to exercise and fulfil (sic) their rights equally, including sexual rights. … Barriers must be removed so that everyone, especially marginalized and under-served groups, can enjoy all human rights.”

Skirting the universal concept of an age of consent, the organization instead cites the “evolving capacities” of children for sexual pleasure, deeming all youngsters’ “ability to make decisions about [their] sexuality and to have these decisions respected based on each young person’s evolving capacities.”

IPPF also contends that young people have a right to “meaningful participation in the planning, implementation and evaluation of all sexual health and rights services, programs and policies.”

Shockingly, it repeatedly advocates for sexual experiences for children: “All people under 18 years should enjoy the full range of human rights, including sexual rights. The importance and relevance of some rights change as a person transitions from infancy to childhood to adolescence. Therefore, the rights of children and youth must be approached in a progressive and dynamic way.”

The document, released in 2011, emphasizes that “sexuality and sexual pleasure are important parts of being human for everyone – no matter what age, no matter if you’re married or not and no matter if you want to have children or not.”

Governments, it demands, must “uphold all people’s sexual rights, including young people.”

“International treaties and conventions such as the [Convention on the Rights of the Child] and [Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women] are legally binding human rights instruments. This makes them powerful advocacy tools to hold leaders accountable. Governments often fall short of fulfilling the commitments outlined in international treaties and agreements; however by signing or ratifying an agreement, they are legally bound to uphold these commitments. Therefore, advocates can use international agreements to hold governments to account.”

Would it surprise you to know an organization responsible for the abortion deaths of millions of babies fights dirty? Read “Planned Bullyhood: The Truth Behind the Headlines”.

The program also demands censorship of abstinence programs, advocating “bringing an end to abstinence-only sex education programs and promoting evidence informed approaches to comprehensive sexuality education.”

In a total denial of parental rights, minor children, according to the group, must grant permission before their personal information is “disclosed to parents.” In fact, children are entitled, says the IPPF, to “removal of laws that require parental, guardian or spousal involvement or consent for young people to access contraceptive services, safe abortion care, HIV and other STI testing or treatment, and any other sexual health service.”

It was reported recently that Planned Parenthood’s work in the United States included a link to an MTV program that focused on the word “slut.”

“Find a seat in the class and let Francisco school you with his lecture on slutty slander!” said the teaser above the video on Planned Parenthood’s Facebook page. “A lot of people define slut as someone who has too much sex or too many partners – but according to who? The slut fairy?”

In the U.S., Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, works closely with organizations such as Girl Scouts to “reach out” to youth. The full extent of that relationship has been profiled by WND.

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