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Preparing for Switchblade Barry in debate No. 2

Good for Mitt for beating up on the never-before-challenged White House Whiner, who was stifled in the first presidential debate by, of all things, a case of Rocky Mountain high. But I would strongly advise jubilant RINOs not to pop the champagne corks just yet.

Now comes the ugly part – an onslaught of obscene, outrageous Pinocchios that will be coming at MittMan at a dizzying pace. And each lie will be carefully crafted to penetrate a combat-rated, lie-proof vest.

Woe unto him who tries to take back the reins of power from the commies who have been fighting for more than a century to become entrenched in the White House and the halls of Congress. Like the Stalinists in their heyday, the Obamaviks do not submit to any set of rules.

When BHO comes at Romney next Tuesday with accusations of lying, talking about his hiding money in the Caymans, exporting jobs overseas while at Bain Capital, not paying his income taxes – even eating little kids for breakfast – Romney had better be prepared to respond with at least B-grade ammo. What he was throwing at President Pansy in the first debate was mere C-grade ammunition, and it was more than enough to make Obama glad he wore Pampers to the event.

It’s obvious that the Dirty Dems are going to prop up His Royal Laziness and try to resurrect his image as the omniscient, omnipotent visitor from Krypton. Thus, Romney’s timid team must convince him that to survive the coming Obama attacks, he will need to use the equivalent of Molotov cocktails – not firecrackers – to defend himself.

In my column “Why do Republicans so fear the truth?” I listed a number of truths that I would like to see Romney and his ad people convey to the public – Obama’s years of mentoring by Frank Marshall Davis, his sealed college papers, starting his political career in the home of Bill Ayers and his current endorsement from the Communist Party USA, to name but a few.

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However, even I recognize that it would be difficult to use such A-grade ammunition in a debate, especially now that Romney’s use of C-grade ammo was more than enough to easily make Obama look like a confused and incompetent kid in their first encounter.

So even though I still believe that the A-grade stuff should be used against Obama in TV ads, it’s not necessary, at least for now, to bring it into a head-to-head debate. But I emphasize once again that in the upcoming second debate, Romney will need to bring out the B-grade ammunition to counter Obama’s return to his more natural, Alinsky-like personality.

Specifically, whatever he accuses Romney of – be it his 47 percent comment, raising taxes on the middle class, or just plain lying – Romney should quickly explain away the accusation, then even more quickly come back with a left jab from a buffet of options that include such B-grade ammo items as:

The list is virtually endless, because Obama’s objective from the outset really has been to transform America into a bankrupt Third World country, which is why he is trapped by the facts. That is not to say that he will not try to lie his way out of every trap, but unless Gallup stacks the deck with town-hall questioners who are Obama supporters disguised as “undecided voters,” he will be sucking hard on his red pacifier throughout the upcoming town-hall debate.

All of the facts I’ve listed above, and more, are known to the millions who aren’t fooled by Obama, but Romney should not assume the empty-headed undecideds know about them. He needs to clearly and forcefully spell out the facts for them.

Since the days of Karl Marx, commies have been experts at repeating lies until they become accepted as fact by a majority of useful idiots. And if repeating lies works, then repeating the truth, in easy-to-understand detail, should be even more powerful. If Romney does this successfully on Oct. 16, the big test will come in the final debate, because that’s when the desperate Obamaviks will pull out the really ugly lies.

And if that’s what it gets down to, the question will be, does MittMan have the courage to employ the kind of A-grade ammo (i.e., bombs, as opposed to firecrackers or Molotov cocktails) I listed in my previous article, or will he wave the timidity flag and join Mush McCain as nothing more than an embarrassing footnote to the fall of the American Empire.