The psychos from Salon

By Colin Flaherty

The psychos from Salon are at it again.

A few months ago, the liberal website sent their big guns after my book: “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence and How the Media Ignore It.”

They did not like it but had a hard time figuring out why. So here is what they said:

“Flaherty says ‘a group of black people attacked a mobile alcoholic beverage cart in Minneapolis,’ but there’s no such thing as ‘mobile alcoholic beverage carts’ in Minneapolis. The thing attacked was a bunch of people on one of those stupid group bicycles with a beer keg.”

I’m not kidding. That is it. And they even got that wrong.

Thomas Sowell said until he read “White Girl Bleed a Lot,” he did not know how bad the problem of black mob violence was. Or how determined newspapers and public officials were to pretend it did not exist.

High praise indeed from someone David Mamet calls the smartest man on the planet.

It was of course Sowell who gave us the working definition of racist: A conservative winning an argument with a liberal.

Now Salon is back. Taking a respite from talking about the work of their big star Joan Walsh – author of “What’s The Matter With White People?” – Salon has ganged up with the Guardians of the Liberal Universe known as the Southern Poverty Law Center to say that I am peddling White Nationalism.

They say I went on a White Nationalist radio program; and I am guilty as charged – of that and a lot more, as you will see.

But let’s hear the full extent of their damning evidence:

Flaherty said that he’s not part of “the [White Nationalist] movement. ‘I’m just a guy that likes to write. … I just have my eyes open. My attitude is, I’m going to tell you what’s happening now, and if you want to freak out about it, I really don’t care.'”

Their only evidence of me peddling “White Nationalist propaganda” is me saying I was not a White Nationalist. Even with brackets and three dots that is the worst they could cobble together.

You will notice there is no link to the interview. Wonder why?

I told that radio audience the same thing I tell a lot of people, something like this:

“The psychiatrists tell us we are only as sick as our secrets. And nothing is more secretive than race and racial violence. So when I meet racists, people who believe in white power or National Socialism or anything like that, I take that as proof positive that racism is a sickness aggravated by secrecy.”

I found myself having this exact conversation the day before the Salon story with a reporter from the newspaper published by the Nation of Islam.

Yes, that Nation of Islam.

Told you it got worse.

He asked me – on Twitter – if I was part of the “post racial” crowd.

I told him “No. We are living in the most race conscious country on the planet.” And I thought it produced a lot of sickness and craziness.

He asked if I would condemn white supremacy. I told him I condemn it all the time.

And I told him we should take our show on the road and talk about it. It is on my “favorites” at Twitter if you care to see it.

In my book, I talk about the race consciousness I see every day from the Congressional Black Caucus, black teachers unions, black student groups, black police officers’ societies, black engineers, and on and on.

Much of it reported by members of the National Association of Black Journalists and broadcast on black radio stations such as Chicago’s WVON.

Did you know that stood for Voice of the Negro? I didn’t until some old radio jock told me.

Does it make you uncomfortable to read the word Negro?

See what I mean about secrecy and sickness? Your discomfort is a symptom. So is the violence that goes unnoticed and unchallenged.

Back to the White Nationalists from Massachusetts. When they called me and asked me to be on their show, I kind of felt the blood rushing to my face.

I wanted to chicken out and not go on.

But when I set out to write the book, I was determined to talk about it to everyone I could – including people like that. And if anyone needed to hear the truth, it was these crazy bastards. So I told them: Our racial relations are so screwed up, that a lot of people are literally sick in the head from it. And people who believe in racial supremacy are proof of that.

They did not like hearing about stories of black mob violence directed at women, gays and Asians.

They liked it even less on the phone when I told them as a reporter, I did a story that got a black man out of prison. It was featured on Court TV, the Los Angeles Times, NPR and other bastions of racial supremacy. Or that I used to be a writer for the first black chairman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

I got kicked off WVON for the same kind of reasons: They did not want to hear about the sickness that allows people to ignore, condone, excuse and even lie about the epidemic of racial violence.

Now we have exhibits 897 and 898 of racial craziness: Salon and the SPLC.

They say I am am bad for keeping company with Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and Joseph Farah.

I’m proud of being mentioned in the same sentence as these giants.

So here I stand. Willing to be judged by what I have written and said. Not who heard it. Not what it appears to mean.

What it is.

What I cannot figure out from Salon and SPLC is this: Are they unhappy with me for being wrong?

If so, show me. It should be simple.

Or are they mad at me for being right?

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