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  • “Stalin’s Secret Agents” by M. Stanton Evans & Herbert Romerstein: This is the first thorough examination of the shocking infiltration of Stalin’s Soviet intelligence networks by members of the American government during WWII. Most Americans have grown accustomed to accept the version of history that the Soviets were our noble allies and took the brunt of the casualties during World War II. But after decades of research by veteran journalist M. Stanton Evans and intelligence expert Herbert Romerstein, the truth has come to light and is now exposed in Stalin’s Secret Agents. Evans and Romerstein focus on the role of secret Communist Alger Hiss at the crucial Yalta Conference of 1945, where vast U.S. concessions were made to Russia, and the maneuvers of numerous other Soviet agents to serve the ends of Moscow. Fascinating details about the fall of China, Yugoslavia, and Poland to Communist domination as well as the identities of key conspirators in high places are revealed. The authors recount the steps by which the penetration occurred under FDR, the influence wielded by such advisers as Harry Hopkins and Henry Morgenthau, and the indifference of U.S. officials during this time. Also included are riveting details about the multi-layered cover-up – including rigged grand jury sessions – and the extent of the theft of secrets are sure to surprise and stun readers everywhere. M. Stanton Evans is the author of seven previous books, including “Blacklisted by History” and “The Theme Is Freedom.” Now a contributing editor at Human Events and a contributor at National Review, he was previously the editor of the Indianapolis News, a columnist for the Los Angeles Times syndicate, and a commentator for CBS and Voice of America. He lives near Washington, D.C. Herbert Romerstein was head of the Office to Counter Soviet Disinformation at the U.S. Information Agency from 1983-1989. He had previously served on the staff of several congressional committees, including the House Intelligence Committee.

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