A Planned Parenthood abortion business employee has summoned an ambulance for a patient who is “fine,” according to a new report from Operation Rescue, a leading activist group on the issue of life.

The organization has posted a video on Youtube with the 911 call from the Indianapolis, Ind., Planned Parenthood business.

The demand for an ambulance includes the following exchange:

911 dispatcher: “What’s the problem?”

Planned Parenthood: “We need an ambulance transport.”

911 dispatcher: “What’s the problem with the patient?”

Planned Parenthood: “Needs to be seen and taken to IU medical center.”

911 dispatcher: “What’s the … ma’am, what’s the … what problem is the patient having?”

Planned Parenthood: “We are an abortion site so … our doctor couldn’t do her procedure.”

911 dispatcher: “Can you be specific. What’s the problem with the patient?”

911 dispatcher: “Is the patient conscious?”

Planned Parenthood: “Yes.”

911 dispatcher: “Is the patient breathing OK?”

Planned Parenthood: “Yes, she’s fine.”

911 dispatcher: “OK, then what does she need the ambulance for?”

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Planned Parenthood: “Because she was currently in a surgical procedure room – to do a procedure – however the doctor couldn’t do her procedure … and she’s had misoprostol.”

Operation Rescue officials noted this was the 17th medical emergency documented at Planned Parenthood abortion businesses just since January 2011.

The group also explained that misoprostol, or Cytotec, “is a drug developed to treat ulcers, which is often used in abortions against the manufacture’s warnings because it has the side effect of inducing uterine contractions.”

“The record shows that a Planned Parenthood patient was in active labor and in the middle of a risky second trimester abortion [14th week] when the abortionist stopped the procedure and called for emergency transport. Because of the evasiveness of the caller, almost anything could have happened to that woman, but one thing is obvious; her life was in danger,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. “This certainly warrants further investigation by the appropriate authorities.”

Newman noted the safety questions that arise because of the number of emergencies at the Planned Parenthood businesses that get nearly half a billion dollars in tax funding each year.

“The incidents that we have documented, including the tragic late-term abortion death of Tonya Reaves last July, are only a fraction of the actual abortion complications, most of which occur in secret,” said Newman.

“Planned Parenthood abortion clinics may be located in nice buildings, but the abortionists who work in them are bottom-of-the-barrel hacks that more closely resemble their back alley counterparts than reputable medical professionals. The public deserves better than to flush their hard-earned tax money down the Planned Parenthood rat-hole, especially when that money can be better spent on care that actually helps women in need, instead of hurting them.”

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