The 2012 election was a referendum on America’s fundamental principles. America is at an historical crossroad. Would America vote for freedom or submission? Would Americans vote for the preservation of the foundation of our very existence, individual rights, or irrevocably surrender to thugs and statists and revert to the European failed model our Founding Fathers fought so hard to escape? Deadlines require that I file this column before the election – but by now we all know whether America has been taken off life support or has rallied to fight for the first moral government in the history of man, that has made this the greatest country the world has ever known.

We are at a tipping point in history. The core question before us in the Obama vs. Romney election was whether we would pull back from the edge of the abyss and preserve and defend the unprecedented American idea of individual rights and freedom, or succumb to the apathy and intellectual laziness that has infected the body politic.

Not only was defeating Obama and his gang critical to the preservation of our unalienable rights guaranteed under the Constitution, it was also essential to national security. In Afghanistan, for four years he has pursued attempts to partner with the anti-human Taliban, despite the fact that the death toll in Afghanistan under Obama far exceeds that of all the Bush years combined, and the fact that the Taliban’s savagery and brutality toward girls and less devout Muslims is monstrous.

Almost immediately upon taking office, you may recall, Obama went on the original apology tour of the Muslim world, inviting the then-banned and outlawed Muslim Brotherhood to his submission speech in Cairo on June 4, 2009. He then set out to dismantle the “special bond” the United States and Israel have shared since the re-establishment of the modern state of Israel. He has never visited our most steadfast and true ally in the Middle East since being elected, despite multiple trips to the region. His contemptuous treatment of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, a stark contrast to his warmth toward Palestinian jihad President Mahmoud Abbas, was only the most visible symbol of what has now become a four-year campaign to undermine Israel and promote the Palestinian jihad.

Obama’s betrayals didn’t end with Israel. It wasn’t enough that he abandoned Mubarak, our 30-year ally in Egypt, the first Muslim country to make peace with the Jewish people despite the Jew-hatred mandated in the Quran. It wasn’t enough that he threw our great friend and ally out with both hands, a man who for all his undeniable faults was the most liberal of reformers in the Muslim countries in that region. With the Muslim Brotherhood victorious, what did the leader of the free world do? He threatened to withhold all U.S. aid to anyone who tried to stop the Muslim Brotherhood from taking power. And now they are firmly in power, thanks to Barack Obama. He had been working with the Brotherhood early on in his presidency, having invited the then-banned and outlawed group to his submission speech at Al Azhar University in June 2009.

But even that wasn’t enough. He also abandoned Eastern Europe when he scrapped our anti-missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. Russia started war gaming, and in response, Obama brought the missile defense shield program in Eastern Europe to an end. He deserted our Eastern European allies in an “appalling appeasement of Russian aggression and a willingness to sacrifice American allies on the altar of political expediency.” He left our best friends defenseless in the face of an increasingly aggressive Vladimir Putin. And what did Obama get for this? The egg on his face was, as always, carefully scrubbed clean by an agenda-driven enemedia.

And there is so much more. As Doug Ross has pointed out, Obama is – among many other things – the lawless president: the first one to sue states for enforcing laws Congress had passed. He is the president of America’s Decline: He has presided over America’s loss of its status as the world’s largest economy. He has put an end to our space program, instead directing NASA to work on making Muslims feel good about themselves. He also defied Congress and sent $200 million to the jihad terrorist group Hamas.

“60 Minutes” reporter Lara Logan recently told the truth to a very influential gathering – that a “major lie” was “being propagated” by Obama regarding our defense against jihad terror. Logan’s remarks to an influential group of “1,100 movers in government, politics, media, and the legal and corporate arenas” was an eye-opener to those who were drinking Obama’s and the enemedia’s Kool-Aid. Logan was open and frank about what the real situation is – and remember: Logan has lived in and among these devout Muslims and has bravely told the truth about the threat to the U.S. in general and our troops in particular.

Above all, she identified Obama’s greatest failure and betrayal: his refusal to acknowledge the root causes of the jihad against America in Islamic teaching: “If you fail to identify the ideological component to this fight, if you fail to identify what your enemy is really fighting for, if you lie about who they really are, I don’t see how you can possibly have the right strategy.”

Even worse, Obama continually welcomed Islamic supremacists and Hamas-tied Muslim Brotherhood activists into the White House. My worst predictions, outlined in my book “The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America,” have been far exceeded by the enemy in the White House. Muslim Brotherhood groups – whose stated goal is “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers, so that it is eliminated, and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions” – have for four years now had absolute access to the White House. Embedded infiltration is complete. Is it any wonder that freedom’s defenders are so attacked, demonized and rendered radioactive?

This is nothing short of a coup made possible by a seditious administration. The White House visitor logs make it clear why Obama’s DoJ scuttled the prosecution of these same Muslim Brotherhood groups named in the largest terrorist-funding trial in our nation’s history, the Holy Land Foundation trial.

How deleterious has the influence of devout Muslims and Muslim Brotherhood proxies been in the Obama White House? The president of the United States aided and abetted the genocide of non-Muslims in Muslim countries worldwide: The slaughter of Christians in Egypt after Obama supported the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood there is a stain on American history. Obama’s subsequent silence on this genocide was unspeakable. And in 2010, Obama’s Muslim adviser Dalia Mogahed succeeded getting a meeting between Obama and the Maronite patriarch of Lebanon canceled. According to the Lebanese paper al Nashra, in working to get the meeting canceled, Mogahed was “heeding a request by the higher leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. …”

Dalia Mogahed was the first veiled Muslim woman to serve in the White House. Mogahed explained that her duty in this post would be “to convey … to the president and other public officials what it is Muslims want,” and claimed that the majority of Muslim women around the world associated Islamic law with “gender justice.” Mogahed was also assigned to the Obama Department of Homeland Security’s advisory council, serving with other members of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

And all this has consequences. The Hezbollah drone that invaded Israel recently was a result of Obama’s failure to recover the American drone the Iranians downed. Obama gave Iran the drone technology. He rejected numerous proposals to retrieve the “lost” U.S. drone. Obama’s decision not to retrieve one of our most important cutting-edge weapons in the war on the global jihad was an attack on America. The commander in chief was not on our side. Think about that.

Worst of the worst was Libya. We now know that Ambassador Chris Stevens warned in emails about the rise of “Islamic extremism” in Libya and even wrote about seeing “the al-Qaida flag” in Benghazi, months before he was murdered by those same Islamic jihadists. Then communications came in real time as the attack was going on, begging for help. Obama’s response? He told CIA operatives to “stand down” rather than help Stevens and his team when they were attacked. Then he began to lie to cover for the jihad and blame our freedom of speech for the attack on our embassies in Egypt and Libya. The administration did this even though they knew for a certainty within 24 hours after the attack in Libya that it was a jihad, planned for weeks beforehand.

The choice on Tuesday was between freedom and slavery, individualism and collectivism, and America and the global jihad. It was the choice of whether the United States would commit suicide, or live to breathe the sweet air of freedom another day.

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