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Anti-Muslim 'hate crime' really an 'honor' killing

The murder of Shaima Alawadi, a Muslim woman in California, was trumpeted worldwide as an “anti-Muslim hate crime.” Now it turns out that it was an Islamic honor killing. But rest assured that there will be no media stampede to correct the deliberate lie. For the Islamic supremacists and their useful idiots in the media, this poor woman has served her purpose.

Kari Huus of NBC News reported Friday that “police have arrested the husband of an Iraqi woman beaten to death in her home eight months ago for what initially looked like a racially motivated hate crime. … Kassim Alhimidi, 48, was booked into jail Thursday evening on one count of first-degree murder. He is being held without bail.”

How things have changed. Here’s the lead paragraph from the Associated Press story on the murder from last March. Myriad enemedia outlets mirrored this slant:

“A 32-year-old woman from Iraq who was found severely beaten next to a threatening note saying ‘go back to your country’ died on Saturday.

“Hanif Mohebi, the director of the San Diego chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said he met with Shaima Alawadi’s family members in the morning and was told that she was taken off life support around 3 p.m. ‘Our community does face a lot of discriminatory, hate incidents and don’t always report them,’ Mohebi said. ‘They should take these threats seriously and definitely call local law enforcement.'”

Uh, no. Shaima Alawadi was honor killed by her husband. But that part of the story will get little press. Shaima was murdered by her husband and then again by the media and Hamas-CAIR.

Back in February, based on the evidence I saw, I surmised that the murder of Shaima Alawadi appeared to be Islamic, rooted in Islamic teachings and culture, and not a hate crime. The family called it a hate crime (that relentless fictitious nonexistent meme), and the Muslim Brotherhood operatives have been feeding the lie from their propaganda mills that the media so readily eats up. These are the Muslim groups, i.e. Hamas-CAIR, that share, espouse and advance the very same teachings and motivations that the Jew-killing jihadi, Muhamad Merah, had. Close your eyes and CAIR and Merah are interchangeable.

The Islamic supremacist organizations in the U.S. like Hamas-CAIR exploited this poor abused Muslima’s murder like the Nazis they emulate. Thousands of supporters wearing the traditional Muslim hijab signed on to a Facebook page called “One Million Hijabs For Shaima Alawadi.” Where are the one million hijabs for victims of Islamic honor violence and murder?

And, of course, the revelation that Shaima Alawadi was actually a victim of honor killing came during the Friday night news dump, and only after months and months of media smear, libel and blame pinning this honor killing on fictitious “Islamophobes” and racists (never mind that Islam is not a race). I’d like to know why family members who aided and abetted in her honor killing and who advanced the lie weren’t arrested along with Shaima’s husband. The accomplices said they found a note by her body saying “go back to your country” and also lied when they said they had found a similar note at their home weeks earlier, but that they didn’t keep it or report it. Isn’t covering up for murder a crime? Watch the daughter’s comical performance here.

The Friday night arrest is no accident either. Law enforcement officials are turning themselves inside out to exonerate Islam in this crime, saying that the murder was “domestic violence.” The police chief of El Cajon, Calif., Jim Redman, said: “After months of hard work, we determined that this homicide was a result of domestic violence.”

No, this is Shariah, but these are the same jackasses who let the father, who is now under arrest, return to Iraq after the murder. Why he came back to the states is beyond me. I guess he figured that these Mickey Mouse cops would sooner arrest Robert Spencer or me for Shaima’s murder than blame her Shariah-adherent husband.

Expect no media mea culpas, despite the fact that they pounced on the mythical Muslim victimhood narrative like vultures on dead meat. NBC’s Huus, a notorious tool of jihadists, exhibits no self-reflection or analysis in her report on the arrest of Kassim Alhimidi. Just a never mind. It doesn’t matter how many innocents she slandered, as in this: “Report: Threat from anti-jihadist extremists grows.”

And Kari Huus covers this beat. She knows. But she fiercely peddles lies and deceptions to cover for honor murders of women. When I organized the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference in Dearborn, Mich., Huus attacked those who were fighting to save girls’ lives: Did Huus even speak to Jessica’s dear friend, Darwin Jiles, who made it clear that Jessica feared being honor murdered? Huus smeared me in her Mokdad piece, but took the word of Jessica’s family. Yes, the family that covered up the honor killing.

Add Shaima Alawadi to the pile of dead Muslim women and girls whose murders are covered up and swept under the rug.