There are a uniformity of resentment and a consolidation of bitterness/anger that embody blacks and commit them to an alchemy of contempt for even the institutions the unlearned claim blacks most earnestly embrace.

There has not been more undeniable proof than the NAACP of North Carolina’s recent attack on Rev. Billy Graham and his son Rev. Franklin Graham because they dared encourage people to live godly lives and elect those committed to same.

The so-called leaders of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP held a press conference Oct. 29 to denounce the Grahams. The angst of their complaint was Billy Graham’s advertisement calling for people to vote for “candidates who support the biblical definition of marriage as between a man and woman, protect the sanctity of life, and defend our religious freedoms.”

The godless servants of the devil said Rev. Graham’s advertisement included “transparent insinuations” and was “a clear endorsement of [Obama’s] opponent because he was more of a Christian than [Obama].”

The NAACP said there is biblical mandate “that we as a society as a government remember that our responsibility to the poor, vulnerable, those on the margins, is at the top of God’s agenda.”

I submit they might want to remind Obama of that which they espouse. It has been documented many times by others, including the IRS and me, that the Obamas’ charitable donations percentage-wise equal what amounts to pennies based on their net-worth and income. Obama’s selfish neglect of his family members has also been well-documented.

Obama had the opportunity to have $5 million donated to the charity of his choice, but rather than share his college transcripts in compliance with Donald Trump’s offer, he selfishly refused. Heck, he could have countered the offer by telling Trump to make it $15 million. But I digress.

If those NAACP leaders who also claim to be ministers actually spent time reading and studying the Bible, they would know that a socialistic view of appropriation (read: extortion by guilt and racial intimidation) exampled by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton has no biblical basis. They would also know that at the top of God’s agenda is salvation through Jesus Christ and the Great Commission to go forth preaching and teaching and leading people to be disciples of Christ.

William J. Barber, president of the state NAACP, who claims to be a minister, accused Franklin Graham of “cherry-picking easy parts of Christianity.”

First of all, Mitt Romney is not a Christian; he’s a Mormon – and yes, there is a difference. Secondly, if the Obamas were Christians, we would see the witness of the Spirit of God in the way he and his wife comport themselves. It’s not that we don’t know them by their fruit, because we do – their fruit is the fruit of Satan.

It doesn’t bother me one bit that the usual malevolents will launch ad hominem attacks based on their endogenous aversion to the truth.

If those representing the NAACP were the Christians they claim, they would abandon their divisive and segregative messages of “white-man evil – give us money” and first ask God to save them – then preach salvation and sanctified lives to their congregants.

If Obama were a true born-again believer, he would not be more pro-abortion than Planned Parenthood. (See my column “Darth Democrat,” Nov. 16, 2004.)

If Obama were truly a born-again believer, he wouldn’t use his daughters as examples of why he wants to keep abortion on-demand. If he were truly a born-again believer, not only would he not be forcing homosexuality on the populace conjunctive with homosexual marriage but neither would he be determined to force Catholic medical facilities to abandon their fundamental beliefs pursuant to performing abortion.

And if Obama were a true born-again believer, he would have been as quick to condemn Joseph Lowery, another black so-called minister, as he was the Cambridge Police Department.

But then, the Cambridge Police were doing their job to protect the very professor who accused them of racism. Unlike Lowery who told a get-out-the-vote event that “all whites will go to hell.”

I guess the NAACP and Obama took Lowery at his word when he claimed he was joking. The street translation of his “it was only a joke” is: “no foul, just joking – c’mon y’all crackers need to lighten up.” To which I say, “Yeah right, tell that to former Senator Trent Lott.”

America should be insulted that the NAACP would attack the Reverends Graham. But the eyes of the media who cling to the specious fable of the black church should be opened as well.

There is a difference between religion and true Christianity, just as there is a demonstrable difference between true godliness and the form/appearance of godliness.

I say any group of people who set forth Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as representative of morality and religious leadership is a misguided and blind group of people.

And any group of people who will support a person whose redeeming quality is the color of his skin are a people void of understanding and spiritually lost.

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