The election is over, but the war is not, and we must understand that. It’s imperative we remain focused and energized. We must realize who our enemy is, what their end goal is and what they will do to accomplish same. There isn’t time for handwringing, craziness or loyalty to those responsible for the loss of this election.

I have been on record since March 2009 saying that the Republican Party hierarchy was not going to run a candidate who had a chance of winning. Even so, on election eve I told one person Mitt Romney was rumored to have a chance, and on election morning I told a friend that I thought the potential for surprise existed.

Keep in mind that Romney lost to John McCain who lost to Obama in 2008. And not unlike McCain, the only reason Romney did as well as he did was because he had Paul Ryan as his Sarah Palin.

Romney was a dead man walking until the first debate when Obama showed up in what some believe was a drug-induced stupor. Romney never successfully argued the points of true importance for the majority of the people. And justifiably so, the conservative base never warmed to him.

There are only two ways a president with Obama’s record could win. The one, of course, to have massive election fraud take place. The other is to run against him a candidate worse than he. Karl Rove, Reince Preibus and those who view Jeb Bush as the savior in 2016 chose the latter of the two options.

Let’s say for the sake of argument election that fraud did take place. The proportions of fraud to make that happen would be huge and obvious. I’m not saying dead people didn’t vote, nor am I saying that there wasn’t vote manipulation – but I am saying for it to happen on the scale necessary to be effective the Republican hierarchy would have had to be aware.

And let’s say for the sake of argument that the Republican hierarchy was aware – which certainly seems to be the case with Rep. Allen West. Why aren’t they pushing back? Why weren’t they in front of judges before the ink dried on the results’ certification papers? Why aren’t the Romney people screaming they were robbed? How could someone as sharp as Romney is reported to be not have a contingency plan in place for such a potential eventuality? Are we to believe we thought of something his high-paid professionals didn’t?

If we spend the next four years trying to prove the Democrats stole the election, we’ll waste time, energy and money – while Obama has a field day for the next four years as congressional Republicans capitulate to his every demand.

In the short term, we must begin immediately to vet and put in place candidates for the 2014 elections. It is important for us to remember that Obamacare is not yet the law of the land and that we can stop it from being implemented.

Constitutional scholar and author of “Defend Your Healthcare” Betsy McCaughey told me that there are substantial legal challenges to Obamacare making their way through the courts that have a very good chance of being successful.

Section 1311 of Obamacare allows the federal government to dictate how doctors treat privately insured patients – which means at the heart of Obamacare Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of Health and Human Services (or her replacement), can and will limit individual health-care consumption. SCOTUS denied such far-reaching powers in Gonzales v. Oregon, and we anticipate it doing so again.

This is why we must take control of the Senate in 2014 and increase the number of conservatives in the House. And it is critical that we elect conservatives – not those that Rove, the RNC and GOP tell us we must vote for.

The next two years are critical. As a close friend and colleague wrote this morning, for the next two years we must: “Fire and fall back. Inflict maximum damage on the enemy, but fall back on prepared positions, and repeat this process until reinforcements arrive” This include Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Obamacare and the economy.

That means we cannot suffer John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, et al. to surrender and capitulate. We must be focused – not run helter-skelter investing energy into that which will pay few, if any, dividends.

Our enemy may be Obama, but his enablers are those in Republican leadership. They can say what they want, but Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney prove otherwise. It is time for the so-called Republican leadership to step aside or be replaced.

And if they fight to undermine our efforts, as I suspect they will, I believe it will be time to form a third party. We do not owe our allegiance to those who treat us like Democrats treat their blacks.

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