Many of us are familiar with the campy tune “Everything Old is New Again” by the prolific late composer Peter Allen (who wrote many far more memorable songs). Ironically – and perhaps this was intentional – “Everything Old” sounds like it might have been written in the early 1900s, but Allen didn’t come onto the scene until the late ’60s. The song is, more or less, about fads and how popular trends tend to cycle.

A lot of this cyclical trending, I believe, has to do with certain driving forces in our culture, one of these being the media. If you’re old enough to recall, back in the 1970s, the 1950s were all the rage. That was the era in which to have come of age; overnight, belligerent morons in motorcycle jackets were in vogue again. Now, there’s a 1970s revival on. Back then, pot was decriminalized in many states, sex had become recreation, yet it was before AIDS, so no one worried.

But there’s more to this than television and movie producers reliving their lost youth. Like the cycles of natural disasters that scientists reference, I believe there are also larger cycles that encompass the smaller ones, and it is these – like a thousand-year flood, for example – that wind up being ones “for the books.”

For example, Ancient Rome – to which many scholars have drawn comparisons apropos the course America has taken – started out as an extremely moral society. As we now know, it wound up with a culture so amoral and hedonistic that it is still held up as the embodiment of self-destructive decadence.

In the end, I’m afraid we have the potential to set a new standard in societal degradation and demoralization, if we haven’t already. Some of the most poignant examples include such things as the sexual exploitation of children, the advancement of same on the part of deviants, and the cavalier murder of the unborn and near-born.

But there are almost countless more innocuous examples that, in the aggregate, have served to desensitize us to the truly odious ones. As a result, there was ambiguity among American voters between electing a morally upright man as president, versus a sitting president whose administration practically flaunts its criminality. There is evidence of widespread fraud having taken place in the recent general election – but who is inclined to pursue this, now that the wolves are guarding the henhouse?

The Boy Scouts of America, who have developed moral refinement and honor among young men for more than 100 years, have been demonized because they do not embrace sexual deviance. Human life has become cheap, while a random insect or tree frog can cripple an entire industry and the livelihood of thousands. Those who observe millennia of Judeo-Christian moral doctrine rather than Marxist-imbued apostasy are becoming persona non grata. God Himself, by virtue of what He asks of his creation, has become “evil,” while that which His ancient Enemy promotes has become “virtue.” I could continue this list ad nauseum.

And everything bad is good again …

I’ve said for a long time, fomenting widespread civil unrest has been part of President Obama’s game plan from Day 1. This, I have asserted, he will do in order to implement martial law or something resembling it, at least initially. Once this has been done, like so many government constructions, it becomes an entanglement from which it is damnably difficult, if not impossible, to extricate ourselves.

Financial markets reacted negatively to the outcome of the election, as have thousands of employers now facing the specter of having to comply with Obamacare. Citizens across almost all 50 states have petitioned for secession. Certain malignant devices of the United Nations that will detrimentally impact Americans’ liberties are being eagerly considered by the Obama administration. This sort of thing, as well as the president’s stealth executive orders, can be expected to continue unabated.

We have a press that is now wholly in collusion with the administration, a milquetoast Republican opposition (which believes that at some point, it stands to inherit any power usurped from We the People by the Democrats, by the way) and at least a third of Americans who remain utterly clueless.

Public concern with such pablum as randy middle-aged generals and desperate housewives, rather than what amounts to treason among members of the Executive Branch with regard to Benghazi-gate, makes it clear that this regime’s tactics are working. In fact, I’ll have to admit that the administration is playing this brilliantly: They scapegoat a few generals in order to protect Obama and his toadies from their crimes, while dramatically compromising the military, a key objective to wielding complete power.

It sort of helps when you think of it in terms of how Marxists have subjugated governments in the past.

What better way to coalesce the aforementioned complete power than by enacting so many oppressive policies within a short period of time, and amidst charges of misfeasance and fraud, that Americans who do have a sense of what America represents finally determine they’ve had enough? All the while, the press maintains the deception that Obama is just Joe President trying to do the right thing amidst radical factions reacting to circumstances brought about by George W. Bush in the first place. Thus, Obama’s actions, no matter how tyrannical, will be validated.

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